Kingdom Chapter 397

Mmm tasty.

Chapter 397: MF


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Kingdom Chapter 396

Chapter 396: MF

Life’s good.



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Kingdom Chapter 395

I’d write something here but I have a snowboard to wax and annual leave to use.


Chapter 395: MF | Read Online



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Kingdom Chapter 394

We mistranslated Earl Shi as Shihaku in earlier chapters. Makes a lot more sense since he’s called Shi Ei.

So tomorrow we’ll:

  • v2 the last volume of chapters to correct that along with the typos in c393.
  • Release volume 33’s omake (extra / bonus pages) from the tankoubon
  • Update the server with volume 35 and 36 PSDs and batch zips

In the mean time, here’s this week’s chapter.

Chapter 394: MF | Read Online


Volume 33 Omake (Bonus Chapter)

Chapter 360.1: MF | Read Online

v2 and v3 Edits

Chapter 382v2: MF

Chapter 387v2: MF

Chapter 388v2: MF

Chapter 389v3: MF

Chapter 390v2: MF

Chapter 391v2: MF

Chapter 392v2: MF

Chapter 393v2: MF



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Kingdom Chapter 393

Here we are yet again with an early leaked raw we got earlier today.

So, from this point on, I’m not entirely sure what day we’ll be able to get Kingdom out as we’re sent the raws anonymously.

Suffice to say, we’ll always release either the night we get our hands on a raw or the day after.

Worst case scenario is typically 2-3 days after the official magazine retail release on Thursdays (which would have been this upcoming Saturday the 5th for this chapter).

File server’s also down temporarily as we move hosts.

Chapter 393: MF | Bread Online


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Kingdom Chapter 392

So an anonymous benefactor sent us an email with a pretty high quality raw for 392 a couple hours ago so here it is a few days early!

Chapter 392: MF | Read Online


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Kingdom Chapter 391

How to win at Magic: The Gathering by oshit

1. Lend a friend a spare deck.

2. Win every match until the finals.

3. Get beaten by friend.

4. …

5. hmm…

Chapter 392 will be released on Saturday earliest as normal or as soon as the Jap raws are available on share.

Chapter 391: MF | Read Online


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