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Kingdom Chapter 8

Many of you who watch the anime or have read the previous translation of Chapter 8 may be wondering, “Why all the different titles for General Ouki AKA Wang Qi, funny looking dude with the fish lips?”.

The characters for his title literally translate as “strange bird” a la Hadena-Fansubs or i guess “mystery bird” a la Anime-Destiny although to me it┬ásounds┬álike some sort of dinner (mmmm mystery bird soup, sounds legit).

The first character in Ouki’s name however, is also used in the word monster (Kaibutsu) and is presumably how whoever did chapter 8 before ended up with dinosaur… Anyway, Ouki’s title actually has a rather more menacing connotation in Japanese or Chinese and we’ve decided to use “monstrous bird” here to convey the spirit of the title rather than it’s literal equivalent after around 2 hours of fluffing about and bitching at each other.

TL;DR mmm watermelons.

Chapter 8


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Kingdom Chapters 19-21

Your weekly dose of Kingdom brought to you by Singapore Airlines and copious amounts of Kopi O.

Someone mentioned Batoto doesn’t have chapter 8 so we’ll release that tomorrow or something. That’s the only chapter of volume 1 or 2 we’ll release until we’ve caught up with the current chapters… yeah… we’ll get back to you about that in around 2 years…

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21


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Kingdom Chapters 17 & 18

Mangafox is faster than I am herp derp. Heres chapter 17 and 18.

Chapter 17

Chapter 18


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Kingdom Manga

After a day lamenting the fact that the anime gives us eye cancer, we’ve decided to begin scanlating Kingdom by Yasuhisa Hara! Chapter’s 17 and 18 should appear on shortly and hopefully we can get contributor status to avoid future delays.

First off, we’ll be using Japanese names for all characters.

We will try to release at least two chapters per week around every Sunday. Any delays we have will be posted here.

Lastly, neither of us have ever scanlated manga before, any constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

Also, enjoy your manga faggots.


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