Kingdom Manga

After a day lamenting the fact that the anime gives us eye cancer, we’ve decided to begin scanlating Kingdom by Yasuhisa Hara! Chapter’s 17 and 18 should appear on shortly and hopefully we can get contributor status to avoid future delays.

First off, we’ll be using Japanese names for all characters.

We will try to release at least two chapters per week around every Sunday. Any delays we have will be posted here.

Lastly, neither of us have ever scanlated manga before, any constructive criticism is very much appreciated.

Also, enjoy your manga faggots.



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14 responses to “Kingdom Manga

  1. CBase

    fuck you all and thank you for your fucking amazing releases!

  2. JV

    Thanks for picking it up! It is much appreciated.

  3. R

    Thanks a lot for picking this up 🙂

  4. somemango

    Thank you for picking this serie again. It has been on my wish list for a long time.
    otherwise, since you are using batoto, could it be possible that you do chapter 8 if you have time one day since it is missing there (the team who did is not allowed)

  5. “Kingdom Manga | Turnip Farmers” was in fact a terrific article and thus
    I actually ended up being truly satisfied to find the blog post.

  6. Thanks so much for scanlating the manga. I’ve been watching the anime for a while now, and I agree the animation annoys me but the content is great and the manga looks even better. I was saddened at how unpopular the manga was even though I hear it’s fairly well liked in Japan and how only 16 chapters were done. I’m glad you guys picked it up and hopefully more people will pick this manga up. Again thanks for scanlating this manga.

  7. Elora

    Thank you so much for your work !
    The only good thing of the anime was his story, i can’t wait to read what really happened to those kids.

  8. vaan

    …………..u all know that it already got translate all the way to chap 113 right?

  9. ShoRyuKen


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