Kingdom Chapters 19-21

Your weekly dose of Kingdom brought to you by Singapore Airlines and copious amounts of Kopi O.

Someone mentioned Batoto doesn’t have chapter 8 so we’ll release that tomorrow or something. That’s the only chapter of volume 1 or 2 we’ll release until we’ve caught up with the current chapters… yeah… we’ll get back to you about that in around 2 years…

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21



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20 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 19-21

  1. Finally a translator for Kingdom. Thanx, guys

  2. makfresh22

    Thanks a lot guys!!!!……3 chapters….u guys just made my day!!! πŸ™‚

  3. GG

    Thank You for taking up this project, I Love Kingdom anime !
    If I may suggest, since you guys can update 2 chapters a week, would it be possible that the other chapter would be the continuation- where the anime left off?

    • That’s pretty unlikely. Essentially, we’re translating Kingdom because we feel that it’s superior to the anime.

      If you’re looking simply for continuation where the anime left off, it’s unlikely we would get very far before the 2nd season comes out in June anyway, especially if we were only releasing 1 chapter a week.

      • Also, Kingdom is annoying to translate and localize because of all the terms and titles they start throwing around later which don’t really have a proper english equivalent, so various groups inevitably end up with different translations for the same terms. We don’t really want to have to deal with the translation conflicts that present themselves when carrying over terms from the anime fansubs.

        I understand that you’re anxious to read/watch more about the adventures of Shin and co., but we’d rather work to allow you to enjoy the full awesomeness of the Kingdom manga (or at least as much as we can convey), than be forced to do a half assed job and split ourselves up amongst two fronts.

        TL;DR not enough kfc

  4. V.Stoev

    Thank you very much!

  5. Thanks guys for the scans updated. It was awesome πŸ˜€

  6. Alan

    thanks so much for taking this series, i loved since chapter was it was a shame to see stagnant for so long!!! THANKS Turnip Farmers!!! please keep it up!!!

  7. Thanks guys, I hope you can release more chapters every week!

  8. Kami

    Thank you so much for picking up this manga its been ages since I’ve seen an update. T.T

  9. bakasaur

    I raise my delicious KFC drumstick in your honour.

  10. kindamu lover

    Just want to say THANK YOU Very much for the scanlation!!!
    Good luck with the translation, editting &stuff! πŸ˜€

  11. Kenata

    Thanks muchly!!

  12. neitan

    Thanks!! great job!!

  13. magax

    The awkward moment when the translators are from Singapore…Walao say earlier mah,..rare to find Singapore Kingdom fans

  14. Thank you so much for translating this awesome manga series! πŸ˜€

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