Kingdom Chapter 8

Many of you who watch the anime or have read the previous translation of Chapter 8 may be wondering, “Why all the different titles for General Ouki AKA Wang Qi, funny looking dude with the fish lips?”.

The characters for his title literally translate as “strange bird” a la Hadena-Fansubs or i guess “mystery bird” a la Anime-Destiny although to me it sounds like some sort of dinner (mmmm mystery bird soup, sounds legit).

The first character in Ouki’s name however, is also used in the word monster (Kaibutsu) and is presumably how whoever did chapter 8 before ended up with dinosaur… Anyway, Ouki’s title actually has a rather more menacing connotation in Japanese or Chinese and we’ve decided to use “monstrous bird” here to convey the spirit of the title rather than it’s literal equivalent after around 2 hours of fluffing about and bitching at each other.

TL;DR mmm watermelons.

Chapter 8


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7 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 8

  1. neitan

    Thanks for the correction!!

  2. Thx guys for the Kingdoms releases ^^
    But can you skip ahead to where the anime is ending and do it from there? PLEASE
    Since we already know whats gonna happen

  3. hello wanted to be part of the equipe, edit or manga I can help clean … less translate XD

    my email:

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