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Kingdom Chapters 53-58 and a Joint

Here’s a bit over half of volume 6.

Also, we’re currently discussing the details of working out a joint between us and Vendetta Scans which looks like it should come through at this point.

Hopefully, this should start from Chapter 59 with Vendetta providing us with their cleans and redraws. In any case, we’ll make sure the quality of our scans stays the same even though we might now be able to release even faster! woo… more work for me… I still haven’t played SC2’s campaign yet… wth scanlating sucks.

Kingdom 53

Kingdom 54

Kingdom 55

Kingdom 56v2

Kingdom 57

Kingdom 58v2

Edit: c56 and 58 v2’s, fixed two typo’s and a map. someone remind me to not qc at 4am


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Kingdom Chapters 48-52 + Extra

We might have said we were going to quit.

That might have just turned out to have been a lie.

The Farmers are going to war. It is likely that we go to our doom. The last march of the Turnip Farmers.

Chapter 48

Chapter 49

Chapter 50

Chapter 51

Chapter 52

Extra Chapter


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Kingdom Chapters 42-47

Jesus Christ, 52 comments.

As thanks, here are the last six chapters of the first story arc of Kingdom that we said we might do last week (and possibly the last chapters of Kingdom we release).

Other Stuff

Many people have asked us to continue scanlating Kingdom. Thank you all for your support. You have to realise, however, that in order to continue scanlating Kingdom we would have to be sure we could release faster Vendetta Scans while maintaining quality. Our actual release rate, disregarding last weekend, is on average, 3 chapters a week.

Not too sure how fast Vendetta will actually release, but they have said they would release volume’s 3-5 soon.

To those that have suggested other projects, Ryuuroden, Bin – Sonshi Iden, Wa ga Na wa Umishi spring to mind, thank you for your suggestions. If we do pursue a new project, we’ll definitely consider them.

Anyway, here are the chapters.

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

Chapter 45

Chapter 46

Chapter 47


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Rather lengthy post below that I felt compelled to write.

So We’re Stopping Kingdom Scanlation

Around half a week ago we noticed 3 things:

  1. Anime Destiny’s release of episode 38 on the 26th of February  mentioned kewl0210 would be releasing the manga with Vendetta Scans.
  2. He began speed translating chapters at here and editting all his previous chapters to include the reserved for vendetta scans message.
  3.  Vendetta scans had announced a mysterious new project to be released this week.

Not hard to put 2 and 2 together.

Having already basically done volume 4, we released it anyway but were pretty certain at this point we wouldn’t be continuing much longer hence the “bad news” back on our Chapter 30-32 release here.

On Vendetta Scans

Not releasing a manga another group was doing (assuming they werent releasing it ridiculously slow) is one of those unspoken etiquette codes, meaning that we have no way to enforce it and also that we have no desire to continue in work that is going to be done anyway, albeit, to a different standard.

Unlike anime, where a limited number of shows are released per season, there is a gigantic volume of work in manga that remains untranslated which is why we’ve never understood why people do this in the first place. It reminds me of back in 2006 or something where you had 15 groups translating one piece and everyone just gave up and downloaded null since it could be trusted to not be utter shit.

I think, ultimately, what really ticks us off is the fact that no one even bothered to contact us simply informing us of their intentions and thus wasting even more of our time.

On The Scans Themselves

It goes without saying that they’re of adequate quality. This isn’t to say we think our scans are superior, we just think that both our scans and theirs are neither excellent nor complete garbage.

We have some gripes with some of the translations of kewl0210, especially as we flipped through his later translations, since he/she seems to have decided to translate as quickly as possible and literally, without paying much attention if the sentence makes sense or flows on to the next. There doesn’t seem to be any editor either to catch this and the QC doesn’t seem to actually QC or TLC any of the actual text (by the way, umlauts and accents don’t exist in the wild words typeset so you can’t just copy and paste the name Lu onto the page, it just turns into L?).

Their dedication to translating the SFX, however, is pretty noteworthy (as we skipped over any we thought were adequately represented in the visual cues), although I’m not sure the english audience understands many of the literal japanese sounds such as yoro which implies “wobble”.

The typesetter’s also the same person doing Clover scans which basically means you have weird gigantic bold/italicised fonts for some dialogues even when they’re just saying the sentence normally. Mr Shi, for example, would never raise his voice against Mr Ketsu because he’s a subordinate and liable to get his head chopped off, nonetheless somehow his speech suddenly turns into type 24 badaboom at times which is pretty fun to read.

At the end of the day, this is minor, and so long as they continue to release at a decent pace and without losing any further quality, it’s alright. With 5 people on the staff, we honestly don’t see why a group wouldn’t be able to release something like 8-10 chapters a week if two gooks traveling and working abroad in South-East Asia can manage 3 chapters while redrawing in capsule and backpacker hostels.

In the end, we began scanlating Kingdom because we felt that the english speaking community would enjoy the manga greatly and if the job is being done, then that’s that.

The Future

  • Depending on how fast Vendetta Scans releases we may or may not release ~6 chapters of volume 5 just to finish off the 1st arc. Currently the chapters are already translated with minor editting and typeset.
  • If Vendetta Scans ever drops the project or speed drops down to something ridiculous like 1 chapter a week, it’s likely we’ll randomly step in and release just cos we be somewhat pissed.
  • Wright from Happyscans asked us a while back if we were interested in taking up any other projects. Not really still. We’d have to find a project that we both really liked, because we aren’t going to do it unless both of us are enthusiastic about it, and also think that a lot of people would like to read, because your feedback keeps us doing it. Time to look forward to the FFXIV:ARR and Elder Scrolls MMO.

Thank you all for your comments on this wordpress or on batoto, I hope you’ve enjoyed the few chapters we did release and while we hoped to continue doing this for a much longer period of time, things usually don’t turn out as you expect them to; C’est la Vie and life goes on.


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Kingdom Chapters 39-41

Last 3 chapters of volume 4 for this week. Again, volume 5 will probably be delayed. I expect we’ll find out definitively pretty soon if that’s the case or not.

Shin has leveled up!
Shin learnt a new move! Stab.

Chapter 39

Chapter 40

Chapter 41


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Kingdom Chapters 33-38

Part 2 of this week’s release fiesta.

Shin has big feet.

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

Edit: Make that part 3 as well. We weren’t going to release this until tomorrow but it’s all done so meh.

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

Chapter 38


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Kingdom Chapters 30-32

Good News

So, being back home from abroad and having a sizable amount of time free before going back to work, we’re releasing the next 12 chapters until the end of volume 4 over the next 4 days.

Everything is basically cleaned, translated and typeset already, we just need to do last edits and proof-read it before releasing it.

Bad News

Volume 5+ releases on Sunday the 24th may be delayed due to a circumstance which is only a hypothesis as of now but which should become apparent in the following week…

Anyway, here you go and enjoy.

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Chapter 32


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Kingdom Chapters 27-29

One chapter to go before we finish volume 3! Looks like raw’s from then next volume are pretty crap quality though.

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29


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A Note on Naming

Or why we use Japanese names.

Warning: incoming wall of text.

When we first began scanlating Kingdom, we decided we would be using either Chinese or Japanese names exclusively for the sake of consistency. It makes no sense to use Japanese names for one character and a Chinese name for another such as what we saw being done on myanimelist or the anime wiki etc.

Points for using Chinese names included:

  • The manga is set in China.
  • Shin and so on are actual historical people who actually have pages on the Chinese Wikipedia.

Points for using Japanese names included:

  • It’s a manga and Japanese pronunciation of all Kanji is actually provided and used.
  • Some names are given solely in Katakana (i.e. the mountain tribes) and don’t use Chinese characters at all.
  • Translator bias even though we’re chink.
  • A mistaken belief that anime fansubs would use Japanese naming due to discrepancies in what subtitles would display and what the characters would say.

Regarding the fact that Shin and the majority of the cast are actual historical people, to the English speaking community, this information is largely inaccessible anyway so this point was rather moot. The fact that Sei is also Qin Shihuangdi, the first emperor of China is also largely known and easily looked up.

On the last point, due to being in Malaysia on work at the time we began scanlating Kingdom, verifying what fansub groups were using was difficult (5th slowest internet in the world tethered through my phone). We also didn’t really feel like poring through subtitle scripts to see what they used although we did download episode 20 or 22 later to find out what people were translating Ouki’s title as (see Chapter 8 post here). I almost shat myself when they said Ouki and the subtitles read out Wang Qi.

As a result, we’ve used Japanese names exclusively and will continue using them and don’t really feel this detracts much from the manga that anyone who can’t read Chinese will miss out on anyway.

A Further Note on Naming

Some astute viewers may have noted that:

  1. Chinese State names are used
  2. Ou Ki vs Ouki, Sei Kyou vs Seikyou

We’re using Chinese state names (Qin, Zhao, Wei etc.) because they are easily recognisable to any English speaking person with a slight interest in Chinese history. This is the only exception of Chinese naming we are using. Also, the Japanese pronunciation for Qin is Shin… yeah…

We introduce characters with the characters for their name split up (Sei Kyou) and then use them in dialogue as Seikyou. This is because while generally the entire name is pronounced, Family names become somewhat important a very long way down the track. Ei Sei remains somewhat the exception as everyone either just calls him your majesty or Sei.

If you somehow managed to read all that, give yourself a pat on the back and eat some watermelon.


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Kingdom Chapters 25 & 26

Surprise release.

No, don’t worry, we’ll still release on Sunday too.

Chapter 25

Chapter 26


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