Rather lengthy post below that I felt compelled to write.

So We’re Stopping Kingdom Scanlation

Around half a week ago we noticed 3 things:

  1. Anime Destiny’s release of episode 38 on the 26th of February  mentioned kewl0210 would be releasing the manga with Vendetta Scans.
  2. He began speed translating chapters at here and editting all his previous chapters to include the reserved for vendetta scans message.
  3.  Vendetta scans had announced a mysterious new project to be released this week.

Not hard to put 2 and 2 together.

Having already basically done volume 4, we released it anyway but were pretty certain at this point we wouldn’t be continuing much longer hence the “bad news” back on our Chapter 30-32 release here.

On Vendetta Scans

Not releasing a manga another group was doing (assuming they werent releasing it ridiculously slow) is one of those unspoken etiquette codes, meaning that we have no way to enforce it and also that we have no desire to continue in work that is going to be done anyway, albeit, to a different standard.

Unlike anime, where a limited number of shows are released per season, there is a gigantic volume of work in manga that remains untranslated which is why we’ve never understood why people do this in the first place. It reminds me of back in 2006 or something where you had 15 groups translating one piece and everyone just gave up and downloaded null since it could be trusted to not be utter shit.

I think, ultimately, what really ticks us off is the fact that no one even bothered to contact us simply informing us of their intentions and thus wasting even more of our time.

On The Scans Themselves

It goes without saying that they’re of adequate quality. This isn’t to say we think our scans are superior, we just think that both our scans and theirs are neither excellent nor complete garbage.

We have some gripes with some of the translations of kewl0210, especially as we flipped through his later translations, since he/she seems to have decided to translate as quickly as possible and literally, without paying much attention if the sentence makes sense or flows on to the next. There doesn’t seem to be any editor either to catch this and the QC doesn’t seem to actually QC or TLC any of the actual text (by the way, umlauts and accents don’t exist in the wild words typeset so you can’t just copy and paste the name Lu onto the page, it just turns into L?).

Their dedication to translating the SFX, however, is pretty noteworthy (as we skipped over any we thought were adequately represented in the visual cues), although I’m not sure the english audience understands many of the literal japanese sounds such as yoro which implies “wobble”.

The typesetter’s also the same person doing Clover scans which basically means you have weird gigantic bold/italicised fonts for some dialogues even when they’re just saying the sentence normally. Mr Shi, for example, would never raise his voice against Mr Ketsu because he’s a subordinate and liable to get his head chopped off, nonetheless somehow his speech suddenly turns into type 24 badaboom at times which is pretty fun to read.

At the end of the day, this is minor, and so long as they continue to release at a decent pace and without losing any further quality, it’s alright. With 5 people on the staff, we honestly don’t see why a group wouldn’t be able to release something like 8-10 chapters a week if two gooks traveling and working abroad in South-East Asia can manage 3 chapters while redrawing in capsule and backpacker hostels.

In the end, we began scanlating Kingdom because we felt that the english speaking community would enjoy the manga greatly and if the job is being done, then that’s that.

The Future

  • Depending on how fast Vendetta Scans releases we may or may not release ~6 chapters of volume 5 just to finish off the 1st arc. Currently the chapters are already translated with minor editting and typeset.
  • If Vendetta Scans ever drops the project or speed drops down to something ridiculous like 1 chapter a week, it’s likely we’ll randomly step in and release just cos we be somewhat pissed.
  • Wright from Happyscans asked us a while back if we were interested in taking up any other projects. Not really still. We’d have to find a project that we both really liked, because we aren’t going to do it unless both of us are enthusiastic about it, and also think that a lot of people would like to read, because your feedback keeps us doing it. Time to look forward to the FFXIV:ARR and Elder Scrolls MMO.

Thank you all for your comments on this wordpress or on batoto, I hope you’ve enjoyed the few chapters we did release and while we hoped to continue doing this for a much longer period of time, things usually don’t turn out as you expect them to; C’est la Vie and life goes on.



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58 responses to “Announcement

  1. Kenata

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into this. It is really appreciated. Shame about Vendetta barging into this 😦

  2. Norianx

    Thanks for translating Kingdom so far. Was really happy to see it beeing picked up again. 🙂

  3. Drmke

    Thanks for what you’ve done so far!! If you come back with another project, we’ll welcome you with open arms 😀

  4. Keul

    Thanks for all your hard work. Those releases were fast and really well translated.

  5. Thanks for the hard work. Good luck!

  6. moe

    Thanks for your hard work, this is a damn shame as you released at a frighteningly awesome pace. I’m going to deeply miss my 3 Kingdom chapters per day. Let’s hope Vendetta is super slow or drops it, because you guys did a great job with it, your translations and editing are good.

    I commented on Vendetta scans website post about Kingdom. What they’re doing isn’t cool. Hopefully you all can work something out.

  7. hero

    can´t you continue doing it? I really enjoyed your work on this series and you also seem to understand how people should talk to others or explaining things about a chapter, so I would really love to read your scans.
    never the less, thank you very much for yur work until now!!!

  8. fein

    Ahh…Why did Vendetta Scans just jump in like this? you guys are doing such a good job for Kingdom and they just bash in and end up making you wasted your precious times for nothing…
    I really love the translation/editing from you guys better and hope to see you continue someday (if Vendetta really slow down ALOT or drop it)

    Just suggesting…, wanna try to pick up translating the manga series name:
    Bin – Sonshi Iden
    (I can’t find the list in mangaupdates, only in MAL)

    This is also another good series that doesn’t lose to Kingdom or Ryuuroden but no one pick it up yet until now which is really wasted…

  9. Blade911

    Thanks for all the Hard work you guys have done up until now. Hopefully you decide to keep translating it, as i found yours to be a great scanlation.

    Good Luck in the future

  10. Wright

    I’m sorry to see you guys stop. If Vendetta falters I look forward to seeing you back. I hope you guys continue your work as well on other projects as you’re terrific scanlators

  11. First of all, I am a member of Vendetta Scans. I was ignorant of Vendetta’s recent activities – largely because I am inactive now and out of the loop, so to speak – so I belatedly apologize on their behalf.

    It was poor sportsmanship to disregard the “unspoken” rule of scanlator etiquette, and even more so to start releases from chapter 1, implying that all other releases were not worthy. I have no personal qualms about taking other groups’ projects, but that only applies when a group is giving the manga insufficient attention. This was clearly untrue in Turnip Farmer’s case. In fact, I must commend both workers of Turnip on their dedication as well as their quick speed of release.

    What frustrates me here to the point of writing this post, is the lack of cooperation between such competing groups. I doubt Vendetta would refuse a joint between both groups, especially since you could offer Turnip’s combined editing strengths. I am told that you wish to remain a two-man cell; Vendetta’s admin did not contact you in regards to this manga because of that. Understand that Vendetta could not drop the project either, since they had already cleaned a substantial amount of chapters for it.

    In the unlikely likelihood that your dedication to the manga eclipses the resentment/reluctance you understandably feel, I invite you to reconsider Turnip’s withdrawal and instead strive for a joint on this manga.


    • Claiming to not bother to to contact us due to that given reason just implies they just didn’t care about our consent or cooperation (which seems to be the case). Contacting us and informing us of their intent would have at least been courteous.

      Dafortminor claims to have attempted this in the chat box on your website saying: “plus i was going to email them” and “i just couldnt find the email”. This is a somewhat specious argument. If he really tried, he would have commented on here, batoto, or checked the credit page, others managed it fine. Simply put, either he didn’t care enough to contact us or is making things up in an attempt to justify himself.

      Our own reasons for a lack of contact dealt largely with the fact that we were only made aware of the situation a few days before the release and felt that we would be unable to do anything about it at this point (seems to be true). Conversely, Vendetta scans has had a month of staring at our scans coming out on manga-readers and not bothering.

      With regards to a joint (with the assumption that we continue in scanlation), while it’s true we could lend ourselves as editors or TLC/QC, we’d rather not to relegated to the tail end of the process as some sort tacked on extras and to us, it seems preferable if we pursued a completely new project altogether given the large volume of manga out there.

      On Vendetta having worked on the cleans for a long time, dafortminor again claims to have cleaned “184 chapters”… I’m pretty positive this doesn’t include redraws in which case… seeing as how they aren’t cropping, I can probably “clean” 100 chapters of kingdom in a day assuming it’s the weekend and i have nothing better to do with my life.

      Not to mention, using this prior work as justification either means that cleaning is trivial anyway or it’s not trivial and for some reason they have been cleaning scans for many months without any translation in sight in which case I question their sanity.

  12. RandomFan

    Thanks for scanlating this, awesome manga, if not for your work i’d never even heard of it, And yeah, life goes on good luck with your projects manga or irl you guys certainly deserve it.

    ps: Mercy on my grammar, not native.

  13. xanius

    Really appreciate the thought and effort you guys put in. Thank you. Check out Ryuuroden. It’s pretty awesome and there’s a sequel as well.

    • Thank you, Your suggestion is noted. We’ve had of lot of people recommending projects but whether or not we continue with anything at this point in unknown. I expect we’ll have a concrete decision in a few weeks.

  14. makfresh22

    It’s quite unfortunate as I really loved your scanlations and I’m pretty sure tons of people here did to. Thanks for all you’ve done so far, we basically got over 20 chapters in a matter of three weeks which is pretty awesome in my opinion…..Thanks a lot guys!!!!

  15. kurohaineko

    hello, i am also a member of vendetta scans. I was unaware of the conflicts regarding Kingdom until today, due to my lack of interest in the series. It not really my place to say anything. But I think it would be a waste for you to stop scanlating now. You have alot of dedicated readers who really enjoy you releases. I dont want to repeat anything that Kenta already said, but I think if there were communication between the two groups, a compromise could be made and everyone could be happy. But what every decision you guys make, I respect that and thank you for taking the time to release Kingdom chapters to the many fans of the series. 🙂

  16. Kewl0210

    I would like to point out I started translating the manga before you started scanlating. Check the date, it was posted on the 15th. You guys didn’t start until the 18th.
    So I started first, I didn’t steal anyone’s projects. When I started no one had done anything for over a year.

    I also didn’t edit them to say Vendetta Scans, it was like that in the first place. I just want to clear that up.

    • It’s true, your translation of chapter 1 came out on the internet prior to our release of an actual scanlation. We actually did see it there a while after we began scanlating as we were looking at the scanlations of older releases at the time.

      Your 2nd chapter was released on March the 5th, well after we had begun scanlating, and to our knowledge the “Only for use by Vendetta Scans.” line, around the same time, which was one of the things that clued us into this whole thing in the first place.

      In the end, we can’t disprove the fact that you claim to not have editted in the line for chapter 1, subconciously or otherwise. This is similar to the fact that you wouldn’t be able to disprove us if we made ridiculous claims to have translated x chapters of Kingdom well before in preparation for scanlation (we aren’t though).

  17. Kewl0210

    I should also point out that I’m not speed-translating it. I’m using my scripts from the anime and going through each line checking it for differences and trying to improve the phrasing and consistency. If you don’t think my translations are good, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I disagree. I’m thoroughly checking each of these lines and for most of them it’s a second run through where I’ll be checking/improving from before. Anyhow, I wish you guys all the luck in the future. I doubt the Vendetta Scans guys would mind if you did a joint or anything though. But I’m not on the administrative sides of things.

    • I’m not sure why you’re basing your lines off the anime since it’s based off of the manga, This seems rather counter-intuitive.

      I also don’t question your understanding (TL) of the material, The translation is correct mostly, it just requires further editing.

      For example:
      Wang: You can be sure that the ones those two hold the greatest amount of trust in fighting there, yes?

      Guy: Do not be perplexed my meaningless diversions!!

      Zheng: Besides those two, there is no one towing this wicked insurrection!

      These line’s are all literally correct, grammatical mistakes notwithstanding. They just don’t read as if anyone would ever say something like that in English. The very first bubble of Chapter 1 says: “thousands and tens of thousands of moments have passed”. Again, literal but slightly nonsensical in English.

      • I have read through some of his translations, and it is degrading of you to pull out the few lines out of many that are too literal or grammatically incorrect. Comparing Vendetta and Turnip’s translations side by side, I can see that Turnip does have a stronger grasp of militaristic phrases. However, that by itself does not lend enough credence to these claims that your translations are vastly superior. Kewl0210 is a respected and well-established translator for a reason.

        Since you do not seem inclined towards a joint, we bid you to cease inciting the fans who have left their scathing debris in our chat box, as well as luck on all future enterprises.


      • We aren’t claiming our translations are vastly superior, rather that further editing is something that should be addressed; this is self-evident in many of the lines, not simply the examples pointed out.

        Neither are we attempting to incite the fans further. We will make no further public posts on this subject anywhere beyond replying to comments here as if you wish to discuss it publicly on this wordpress, we will obviously respond in kind.

        You are, after all, free to contact us privately via batoto private messages and email or release your own statement elsewhere on which we will not directly comment on.

      • Kewl0210

        I’m not “basing them off of the anime” I’m reading the manga and when there are lines that are the same as ones in the anime I can just copy and paste the original translation. And I don’t claim that I can’t make any improvements, but I do put a lot of effort into translating these properly so they flow well and are vernacular. The problem is sometimes there’s no way to make a line very vernacular without completely changing the original tone or meaning. I can occasionally make a mistake though, as can anyone.

      • Kewl0210

        And once again, if you want to help with our group, I’d be endlessly appreciative if you wanted to proofread/edit. I’d be a big help for me personally so I can improve my translating skill with flow and being vernacular.

    • “If you don’t think my translations are good, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I disagree.”
      That is your opinion and nobody shares it, that’s why people get a second opinion, because you’re obviously going to be biased to your own opinion. Your literal translations are confusing at best and absurd at worst, it’s disappointing after having had great translations for the last few weeks.

      • moe

        Big +1 for Jake Danis. Vendetta translations show a poor handle on the english language, even if literally they are correct. You guys pretty much stole a project to make worse releases, let’s face it.

  18. Fenrill

    wow sorry to hear that guys, I didn’t knew that. I hate groups taking away projects, mainly known from the big three, but other projects too, you can see many different groups uploading their chaps on batoto.

  19. Melllon

    Thanks for your hard work up until now but i don’t think you should stop. The other team is already late at producing the 2nd Volume which doesn’t say a lot about them.

  20. Dan

    Thank you for bringing Kingdom to the English reading community. It really is kind of rude and disrespectful to just start on the project and speed scanlate something another group is already doing. Not only that, but like you said, it’s just plain stupid and illogical. But what can we do now. Thanks for the scans you’ve done, and good luck on your endeavors.

  21. Wright

    I’d second Ryuurouden as a worthy project. My group has also been considering Shut Hell/Shuto Heru which is another fantasy epic set in old China
    If you guys are interested, though, I wouldn’t mind deferring or jointing. Overall, I hope most you go back to Kingdom some day. I do agree you had the best translation involved

  22. D

    I hate Vendetta scans , pfff .

  23. bakasaur

    Man, guys, please don’t stop. These Vendetta scans people are slimy scum beg fucks, they they aren’t as good at scaning as you guys are. I can’t stand having to go through them to read Kingdom.

  24. Kuran

    It’s been a great ride, you all are an awesome team and I am thankful for your effort and understand the dilemma. If you ever do pick this project back up, I will definitely be back on the ride 🙂 have a good one guys!

  25. Hana

    I checked out batoto today to see Kingdom updates!
    Hoh what? This is all shit that I’ve read before?
    I don’t understand why groups redo chapters that have already been scanned, unless the originals were utter crap. Which is obviously not the case here.
    It’s just an underhanded way to jump in on a project that’s already been taken. In a car, it’s like having someone cut in front of you at super high speed. You can’t really do anything but grumble and make sure you don’t hit them from behind (because if you do, it’s aaall your fault).

    Man I am so sorry that they pulled one over on you guys like this. Now I have to wait for them to catch up through all the volumes you guys have already so kindly scanned, and then they can finally post new chapters.
    Or actually, I’ll just read in Japanese, now that someone linked mangahelpers.
    I just really liked your scans, more than anyone else’s, and I’ll probably like them more than reading raws. It’s not fun to have to look up political and historical terms on while reading. 😦

  26. Long live to the Farmers. Fuck Vendetta.

  27. PeacefulPerson

    Just came here to say thanks for your hardwork. sad to see you quit this.
    can’t really understand the thought process the other scanlating group had in picking this up as well, considering the quality was relatively good as well as the pace of release.

    again, thanks for your effort.

    kind regards,
    a [new] fan.

  28. Vin

    Yes please…. If you ever want to pick a new project, Ryuurouden is a very good manga that will worth ur time.. (i hope =D)

    I really love Kingdom and love the ur speed to release it.. now im hanging because of Vendetta..

  29. lolman

    Thanks for everything!!!

    Ah, please pick Ryuurouden!!!!!!!! 😀

    • fein

      If turnip farmers really plan to pick up Ryuuroden would really be a good news since this manga have being picked up and drop again and again by some many groups already, would be nice to see it be completed soon (since the last chapter available is 103, another 55 chapter then it will be fully completed IF you can find the raws…)

      But somehow, I hope Turnip will pick up the sequel (Ryuuroden – Chuugen Ryouran-hen) and scanlate it first cos NO ONE have pick up this project 100% and only 11 volume (60 chapter) is out now and ongoing slowly, will be easier to catch up first…

      anyway, just another suggestion~
      (but still hope you can pick up Bin – Sonshi Iden)

  30. bakasaur

    Again… Please don’t stop. Your work and translations are much better and faster than Vendetta scans, and you’re generally not douchebegs like them. Don’t let them muscle you out for no good reason.

    I mean, what is scanlation about? It’s by the fans, for the fans. What can Vendetta do for the fans? Are they faster then you? No. Is their work of higher quality? Just the opposite. Where they there before you? No. The situation for Kingdom fans was finally great because of you guys, and Vendetta barges in like they’re king shit of the world and makes it worse for the fans. Who benefits from this? No one.

    Don’t let these bullshit lying pricks get away with this.

  31. Melllon

    Just weight the comments here and the comments on their page.

  32. yan

    just wanted to thank you for your great work till now, its a rare scanlation group that can supply both quantity and quality the way you did and i really hope you will either continue with kingdom or pick up another manga

  33. Toriko

    Thanks for all the translations 😉

  34. Finito

    Loved your work and I totally understand about having so many untranslated series out there, every time I see more than 1 group working on a manga separately, it feels extremely wasteful, basic common sense not to waste a 2nd nuke on the same target.

    Personally, I think doing joints would be a good idea, even if you don’t want to work with bitches like Vendetta, a lot of projects out there are going epically slow and are late on their time like Chunchu, Ruler of the Land, Ryuuroden and hundreds of others!! Too many groups start something either too much for them or have to give up for a reason.

    Anyway, I hope you continue scanlating, so if you haven’t found an interesting enough project, check out Bloodsucker for a new project, been out for more than a decade and still not scanlated :

  35. Becars

    So so so gutted to hear that you want to drop this project! I feel like begging you not to. The product that Vendetta Scans is putting out is clearly inferior to yours CLEARLY. I don’t want to have to read their cleans or deal with the very literal translation.

    I understand that having two groups working on the same project is really counter productive and I just fail to see the point when groups pick up something already regularly released. However, I don’t think that means you should stop! You could keep on going until you’ve released everything you have already started to work on or until Vendetta overtake you… Although if you were to continue permanently I would pick your scans over their’s each and every time! As I’m sure most people here would also.

  36. blade

    Guys can you please release volume 5? those vendetta guys said they have clean how many? and still have release shit. start scanlating againe please!!!

  37. Melllon

    “Sorry for the delay with Soul Cartel + lessa, I have been busy studying for a midterm the entire week, and just forgot that I had to do both of them.”

    This why you dropped the project? No one is going to download it from them anyway. You would have outpaced them already if you hadn’t stopped. Pick it up and let them rot.

  38. Pocky

    I really don’t understand Vendetta scans picking up the series. They already have a few webtoons (which I’m waiting to be updated, some -thankfully- regularly, some at random times) and I think it’d make more sense to pick up the speed on those series…
    And I’m still waiting for *your* Kingdom release, because I know your work is good quality and enjoyable and- and- and… well, I hope you’ll be continuing.
    Plus, I admit, I’ve been spoiled with your fast and quality releases and it’s hard to give it up^^”

    Anyway, however you decide eventually, I wish you good luck with whatever project you’ll work on 🙂 Thanks for your hard work!

  39. Ator

    Oh man :(, Kingdom is awesome, but shame on Vendetta, the difference in translations is noticeable when you compare both. Hope everything goes well for you guys!! I will be waiting for any projects you guys do!
    Best Regards!!!

  40. Wow, this seems to be odd that I am commenting now. But, I just went through the archives and found this. I am downloading your releases around chapter 196 I guess. Didn’t ever think that there would have been a time like this where you would almost give up translating on this.

    Well, I am glad (really really glad) that you didn’t give up. I feel sad that some group randomly came in between your work. I don’t know how you solved it (since I am yet to move forward with the archives.) but hey, not everyone is as enthusiastic as you people in this scanlating business and I am pretty sure that’s why I am getting all the current chapters from turnipfarmers and not some other group.

    I apologize for any offence that might have been pointed out by this comment but I was just admiring turnipfarmers’ work.

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