Kingdom Chapters 42-47

Jesus Christ, 52 comments.

As thanks, here are the last six chapters of the first story arc of Kingdom that we said we might do last week (and possibly the last chapters of Kingdom we release).

Other Stuff

Many people have asked us to continue scanlating Kingdom. Thank you all for your support. You have to realise, however, that in order to continue scanlating Kingdom we would have to be sure we could release faster Vendetta Scans while maintaining quality. Our actual release rate, disregarding last weekend, is on average, 3 chapters a week.

Not too sure how fast Vendetta will actually release, but they have said they would release volume’s 3-5 soon.

To those that have suggested other projects, Ryuuroden, Bin – Sonshi Iden, Wa ga Na wa Umishi spring to mind, thank you for your suggestions. If we do pursue a new project, we’ll definitely consider them.

Anyway, here are the chapters.

Chapter 42

Chapter 43

Chapter 44

Chapter 45

Chapter 46

Chapter 47



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40 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 42-47

  1. Becars

    Thank you so much for deciding to release these guys! I still hold onto the hope that you will keep going. Three chapters a week is a great release rate and you’ve been even faster than that these past few weeks. I think it’ll take a while for Vendetta to overtake you and I doubt they’ll do any better on pace than 3 chapters per week anyway. They’ve got more series to focus on.

    Also, your quality is just better!!

  2. dark

    Thank you very much for anything you’ve done so far.
    Personally as a leecher I prefer your scans over Vendetta Scans and it’s really sad that you’re dropping this manga.
    As a matter of fact Vendetta Scans already has a bad impression on me (“Our plan is to release V1 today, V2 tomorrow and V3 the day after that” that was long ago..)

    Is it alright to make suggestions for other projects in the comments section?

  3. To make a reference you may or may not get:
    “You have a heart of gold. Don’t let them take it from you.”

    Many thanks for the releases. At the current rate, you could probably release a chapter per week and still be faster and more revered than those trying to take it from you.

  4. thx for the release. I still hope that you will continue kingdom…

    If you won´t continue kingdom maybe this series will be interesting for you guys

  5. ara

    wow Bin – Sonshi Iden looks interesting..
    but if you really like kingdom dont lose to them .. tbh i dont trust them to go through with all of the volumes i think they will just drop it halfway anyway …

  6. is it all of vol 5 or just part of it?

  7. xanius

    Awesome. Thanks for finishing the arc. Looking forward to what you guys do next.

  8. blade

    Thank you guys for finishing up this arc. you guys rock and good luck on your future projects

  9. Support

    Please reconsider. I strongly dislike the release quality of Vendetta. Your work is pleasant to read, as the lines flow naturally.

  10. G2V

    Thank you very much.

  11. Thanks for the hardwork guys, hope you guys does pick up something, Ryuuroden would be great as the next project, the same neglect as Kingdom prior to you guys picking it up T.T

    Never the less, thank you for the quality scanlation, you’ve indirectly convinced me to hunt down the raw and read it with a jpn dictionary in hand. Haven’t done that since the 12 kingdom LN 😛

  12. i want to be pissed that they stole ur work but after seeing that mangahelpers site and all the trans i just dont know…they could be real bastards and release 1 a week or the translations just stops.
    I wouldnt even mind if you say fuk you Vendetta this series is ours!!! and steal all the trans on it just to prove a damn point!! DONT STEAL OTHER PLPS PROJECTS!!
    I just dont trust them to release chapters like you guys do

  13. Wright

    I’m glad to see new releases from you guys and hope to see it continue. If you ever pick up Ryuurouden or Shut Hell, I’d love to see your work there as well.

    • Both are great titles you mentioned. I don’t think they will pick up Shut Hell though. It has bestiality. Well, if you don’t mind it, it’s quite good. I liked it quite a lot (even with the bestiality scene). Ryuurouden…I think someone is still doing it albeit quite slow.

      If I got a chance to say which title I would like to be translated it in the old Japanese feudal era then it would be King of Thieves (Sanzokuou):

      I only read the beginning. Tried to translate it but got really busy so it got lost. It got furi so translation-wise it shouldn’t be too hard. Still a good story about a kid destined to take shake the times cuz of a star-shaped birthmark.

      Still, I hope you continue. As someone and you yourself pointed out. The other group need a PR and QC. I don’t like them using the Chinese names either….it’s annoying to read when the author himself use the Japanese names. Anyway it’s their choice, but they should still fix the errors that can be fixed which they don’t.

      I want to give my thanks to you people for carrying on this long even if you are going to drop it. I hope you do not but still thanks a lot for showing this manga the love it deserve.

      I know the anime is good but it doesn’t equal the manga. After all they jumped over stories that should have been in the anime, such as the assassin plot on the young king.

      Again thanks for doing it (and keep up the good job)

  14. oh and if you do pick up another series plz consider the LN of this series

  15. Chen Xie

    As a leecher I would like to sincerely thank you for translating this series. I hope you guys continue this series and if not I wish you guys the best of luck with your new project

  16. A Sheep

    Thank you for all your hard work!

  17. ara

    i think its a bluff that vol3-5

  18. Amazing! I couldn’t have ask for more guys. I hope to see you pick up another project but regardless amazing work.

  19. dankZ

    Yes!! Thank you.

  20. Lover of Gaykuti / He will "Wataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" your ass!!! /

    Thanks for these.

    I can’t say which group’s releases are better, but i think you’re doing a really good and fast job! If the other group can’t keep up it’s their problem, but on the other hand it’s stupid to have several groups work on the same manga…

  21. yan

    thanks you very much for the release , and really your scanlations are at a very high level so again appreciate all the hard work

  22. kizku

    thanks a lot for your hard work up to now! i hope that vendetta do kingdom justice and that you find a new project that you enjoy!

  23. Griv

    Thank you for releasing these chapters!

  24. Danny Zaletski

    Thank you so much Turnip farmers! you are the boss.

  25. bakasaur

    Even if (IF!)Vendetta turns out to have somewhat faster pace – a sustainably faster pace they keep up at – i really hope you don’t stop. I was just looking at some of Kewl0210’s translations on mangahelpers and they’re pretty shit. Stuff like,

    “Most likely, it’s Wei’s the castle lord of Wei’s Xi Castle”,


    “They are people with various different talents and surround themselves with house guests. There are said to be several thousand of those for the four Juns” (what the hell is that even supposed to mean? And I’m certain house guest is probably a terrible way to translate the title in question. It sounds retarded and completely inappropriate for the person and role it is describing).

    Sometimes whole speech bubbles seem to be ignored completely. Then there’s his choice to use Chinese (i believe) names, and the drawbacks of that choice have already been detailed.

    Vendetta is bullying their way in and if it’s up to them the fans will be forced to have an inferior experience with this manga. To me that’s completely unacceptable and unforgivable, and directly in violation of the spirit and purpose of scanlation. If people like this get a monopoly on such a great manga, or any manga, it would be tragic.

  26. fein

    Thanks for releasing chapter 42-47, after reading it, this really proof that Turnip Farmers is the best to scanlate this series!

    and also, saw that you’ll consider Bin – Sonshi Iden if you guys are going to consider picking up new projects is one of the best news I’ve being hopping for!
    Hope this becomes reality soon!

    • fein

      This is how Bin – Sonshi Iden looks like for people who don’t know, and you can see the speech bubbles sentence and you know why we need good translation for this if we want to have good quality.

  27. Becars

    Just wanted to agree with the people who’ve not only pointed out the poor quality of the Vendetta scans work. But also the fact that they can not and will not sustain their current pace. They’re pushing now to get ahead of you and to strong arm you off the project; so that they can get the majority of leecher interest.

    They will soon drop their pace and I’ll be shocked if they release more than one chapter a week. Sometimes slow and steady (plus quality) wins the race! Yes, you will have less downloads for the chapters that they have already released. But there will be those of us who’ll stick with your work. Also, you will eventually (sooner rather than later) overtake them anyway. I hope you’ll consider at least keeping up with Kingdom releases until you find another project. It’ll make a lot of us happy… I really don’t want to be forced to read Vendetta scan’s work.

  28. leffh

    Just read the latest of Vendetta Scans’ release, and things like, “Protect the Qin King, don’t let the worst possible outcome befall him” not only shows a poor mastery of the English language, but also exhibits a lack of ability on at least the typesetter’s part for not raising issues with the lack of translated lines.

    I understand you prefer to work on translating works that are not being translated instead of competing with other groups, but as far as I care you have no competition. If you quit translating Kingdom, then that means I will have to quit reading it, because Vendetta’s team has such a poor grasp on language that it is painful to read.

    Kewl may be a respected translator, but it is respect he does not deserve, as his translations are an affront to linguistics.

    • Well spoken! Also after checking out their page, they have 0 completed project (the one listed as completed is not even completed) so that speaks for itself.

      • Couldnt agree more!! plz stick with this series, you have plenty of plp backing you, most of us want to read scanlations from plp who actually know what their doing! that 0% completed series rate vendetta has going proves they cant be trusted to give this series a quality scanlation, like you guys have been doing ^^

  29. nintakun

    I approve you guys do Ryuuroden if you pick a new project soon… There’s no sign of life of the scan group that was doing it previously and it’s not that far from the end of the manga… :/

  30. goldmonkey

    Too bad you’re dropping Kingdom. I read some of Vendetta’s scans, and the dialogue is downright painful to read. No flow, seemingly no proof reading, no sense of individuality in expression. Either way, looking forward to your next project, and if you’re still undecided I thought I’d drop by and suggest Keyman – The Hand of Judgement. Some group’s already scanlated two chapters out of four volumes, but that was in December and nothing’s happened since. Don’t know if it’s due to a lack of raws, but it might be worth looking into. It’s got superheroes, t-rex detectives, a loli and nice art, and I don’t know what more could be asked for.

  31. theo

    If you realy are going to drop “Kingdom” then consider doing Ryuuroden instead.

  32. Pinstripe

    Juggling as many projects as they are (and falling behind on their release dates; notably Kingdom), I don’t see you guys lagging behind Vendetta Scans, by any stretch of the imagination. Call me wistful, but if given the choice and the chance at that choice, between your respective works, their quality and just the level of care and consideration, I would pick yours, hands down, ten times out of ten.

    Thanks for your solid work up to this point, guys. While I would love nothing more than for both of you to continue this project, I doubt my fanboy tears would convince either of you of anything, if not to push me awkwardly out the door as I latch onto you, sobbing a loud, “Don’t go!”

    Stay classy, Turnip.

  33. Ator

    Oh man!!, I couldn’t download 47 :(, can some1 send it to my email is

  34. Ator

    47 to the last one, mediafire shut them down!! and I was in suspense till 46!!!!!!!!!

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