Kingdom Chapters 48-52 + Extra

We might have said we were going to quit.

That might have just turned out to have been a lie.

The Farmers are going to war. It is likely that we go to our doom. The last march of the Turnip Farmers.

Chapter 48

Chapter 49

Chapter 50

Chapter 51

Chapter 52

Extra Chapter



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50 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 48-52 + Extra

  1. Zlack

    all heil the famers

  2. Quoi

    I’m in love with you guys. Thanks.


  4. goldmonkey

    For a unified Kingdom scanlation!

  5. hajimee

    You guys are the best!!! Please continue with the great work your’re doing!! I tried to read the chapter released by the other scan, but yours are way better!!

  6. Dyz

    You can do it! 🙂 After all you got a headstart on them B-tards 🙂 I still preffer your scans better! Go Turnip Farmers!

  7. akani

    DO IT! im sure most of the fans are going to read yours scalanation

  8. Kad

    Honestly, even if you fall behind in speed as long as you keep the quality up I’ll only read yours. There’s something strangely mechanical in the translations of Vendetta and side-by-side readings left plenty to be desired compared to yours.

  9. Lex

    Good news! Thanks

  10. Becars

    I genuinely love you guys right now! But like others have said even if you fall a little bit behind I’ll still always only read your scanlations. They’re just the best hands down.

  11. Sheep

    YESSSSSSSSS! I was so surprised and happy when i saw the release! YOU CAN DO IT!

  12. xanius

    Hell yeah! Thanks!

  13. Doom

    the fastest shall win.
    strike with thunder!!

  14. Please dont drop this series, those Vendetta scans are plain horrible and degrades the whole experience of reading a quality scanlation of Kingdom, i dont care if you fall behind by 10-20 chapters ill still come back here for the best scans ^^

    • besides those translations will slow down real fast after they have CLAIMED this series from you guys and they will eventually drop the series like so many others they have done.

  15. LMFAO i just read this lol, should of read it first hahaha

    We might have said we were going to quit.

    That might have just turned out to have been a lie.

    The Farmers are going to war. It is likely that we go to our doom. The last march of the Turnip Farmers.



    • Kymu

      Turnip! turnip! turnip!! Waagghhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! You guyz got the angry mob behind u, point the direction and well savagely flood anyone with trolls xD

  16. Pocky

    Yay! I love you guys!^^

  17. you are the fucking best!!!!! i will continiue to read your scans even if you do fall behind a bit (which i dont think that will happen cuz kewl have 3+ other serieses and he didnt realese any translation for couple of days) but of course that doesn’t mean you should…
    show them that you are the fucking best!!!!!!!

  18. Will Rogers

    “The farmer has to be an optimist or he wouldn’t still be a farmer.”

  19. kizku

    you are the bestest!

  20. yan

    we will follow through to the very gates of hell general turnip farmer

  21. Pares

    wow I absolutely amazed by this speed. thank you very much people!

  22. Deadlyclaw

    Nice 😀 Thx guys love you

  23. TO WAR! *puts away the dictionary*
    You guys saved me a lot of pain! Thanks for keeping it up! At the risk of sounding like a broken record, would definitely read your translation vs. “theirs”, hell, I was even willing to go through the damn dictionary to read this series cause of you guys! And although there will be the silent ones for whatever reason (lazy ass, mobile reader, don’t want to get involved, etc…), there are a lot of grateful leechers out there that wouldn’t appear in the comment sections. Guess I’ll thank you guys on their behalf!

  24. jackto

    thank you guys for your work. this manga is awsome.

  25. Bricheze

    haha. Thanks for your hard work

  26. jiambi

    Farmers you are the best

  27. Sickforsome♀

    Wait wait WAAAIIIT! does that mean well be getting !MOAAR releases aaaaAand more fun seeing some vendetta cherry being POpPed?! HowaWesome is that!

    Here is more reason to L 0 V 3 your farmOArz :

  28. yeayea

    i totally support you guys please don’t stop. ill rather ead your scans and i know everyone fells the same way. please keep up the good work

  29. glinter

    I knew that farmers make the best warriors. Keep up your good work. You made me discover a very good manga. Thanks you guys

  30. blade

    this is GREAT NEWS!!!!! continue the good word

  31. Kami

    I whole heartily support you on translating this series, please keep up the good work 🙂

  32. PeacefulPerson

    Thanks guys, keep up the good work. prefer your stuff to the other groups.

  33. fein

    “The last march of the Turnip Farmers.”

    I hope this doesn’t mean that you’ve fully scanlated+release and complete v05 then no more onwards…
    Still hope to see you continue till the end (lastest) then pick up a new project while waiting for kingdom to continue!
    Just reading Vendetta’s translation these days are really getting ridiculous and confusing…

    Thanks for the release once again! 😀

  34. This is just simply wonderful!

  35. Benny

    Man, you guys are doing some great work. I actually wish that you guys can work with vendetta, with you guys translating and vendetta doing the rest of the work since their translation is pretty bad.

  36. Marc

    Just read vendetta for the first time…horrid. “it looks to have been a garish battle”…garish; seriously?! Keep up the great work. Also, you shouldn’t care if they release faster than you as their quality is greatly inferior; if you can call it quality in the first place. I’ll stick with you all the way.

  37. wijaya

    Thanks for releases
    “The real warrior of Qin only read Kingdom from Turnip Farmers, not other Scanlation “

  38. Alex

    Heya Turnip Farmers, just stopped by to say I (And a couple thousand more) are with you on this one! We’ll fight them from dusk to dawn!

  39. Kenata

    Heya, Thank you!!!, I’d rather be reading 1 chapter a week by Turnip then 3 a week by vendetta!

  40. Rin

    Thank you gents. 🙂

  41. moe

    Well done guys 🙂 As you can see you have the full support of the community. Thanks for the chapters!

  42. makfresh22

    Thanks a lot guys!!!!…..u’re doing a great job, really enjoyed the chapters 🙂

  43. Zanfariam

    i’d like to know why you spell the names of the people like you do now, because they seem to be mor japanese and less chinese now. Could just be me not knowing anything, but i like to question such things 😀

    keep it up. I had lots of fun reading Kingdom until now and vendetta scans scanlations are more inconsistent then yours, even if you changed the names once more.

  44. Gin

    Keep going guys. I really love this manga.

    I thought I have to quit following it (coz no-one translate it) until you guys.

    I highly appreciate your work. Keep going on on on pleaseeeee!!!

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