Kingdom Chapters 53-58 and a Joint

Here’s a bit over half of volume 6.

Also, we’re currently discussing the details of working out a joint between us and Vendetta Scans which looks like it should come through at this point.

Hopefully, this should start from Chapter 59 with Vendetta providing us with their cleans and redraws. In any case, we’ll make sure the quality of our scans stays the same even though we might now be able to release even faster! woo… more work for me… I still haven’t played SC2’s campaign yet… wth scanlating sucks.

Kingdom 53

Kingdom 54

Kingdom 55

Kingdom 56v2

Kingdom 57

Kingdom 58v2

Edit: c56 and 58 v2’s, fixed two typo’s and a map. someone remind me to not qc at 4am



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31 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 53-58 and a Joint

  1. qing

    thank for the chap a joint is good at least it will stop the conflict between u two

  2. Benny


    No though, seriously, I’m super glad that it’s becoming a joint venture since I do genuinely enjoy the translation you guys did, and Vendetta seems to have a staff big enough to offer clean stuff for your translation to go on, so this is just the best news.

    Also, thank you for exposing me to Kingdom, this is a seriously amazing series.

  3. fein

    Thanks for the fast release once again!

    and…well, after all the conflict, a joint to end all of it is nice of cos but…what will happen to the translation then?
    since you only say vendetta will provide you with the cleans and redraws, then what will happen to the translation? keeping yours or using theirs?????

  4. wei2lazi

    Just a minor nitpick but with the joint, will you guys remain in using the japanese pronunciation for the character names? I figured since it’s a manga on ancient China that it’d be more preferable to have them actually having chinese names like what I’ve seen in Vendetta’s release.

  5. lemb

    Thanks for doing the series.

  6. James

    thank you guys so much for doing the scans! i love this manga!

  7. I’d have to disagree with you wei. Using the japanese pronunciation would be better for the sake of continuity. Chinese name have a bunch of romanization for the same names, Chan, Chang, Chen, Cheng, Zhen, Trang, Truong, etc… are all one surname. And the original medium is in japanese, why use chinese to tell a tale that was told in japanese?
    It’s like trying to tell the tale of aladdin in arabic when the tale was told in chinese, it takes away some elements of the storyteller’s touch.

    Also, stated translator bias for jpn names in the faq ❤

  8. You two are gods walking amongst mere mortals.

  9. moe

    Great to hear, thanks for the chapters!

  10. G2V

    Thank you very much.

  11. goldmonkey

    Kingdom is about a dozen times more exciting than the SC2 campaign, if that’s any consolation. This suspense is killing me.

  12. Day

    Thanks a bunch for all the chapters you’ve been releasing. You guys are ggggggreat!

  13. kizku

    i can’t thank you enough for your work!

  14. xanius

    Awesome news. Thanks for the release guys.

  15. Pares

    Thank you very much for these chapters, doing a joint venture is great news!

  16. Gin

    Thank you so much for all of your work.

  17. Becars

    I think the fact that when I first read the title to this post my mind immediately said “When I was in Malaysia (where I think you’re based) I found the cost/risk wasn’t worth it for the quality of weed that I found there. They must have some good hook ups” says a lot of not so good things about me!

    Otherwise thanks so much for this! Really happy to have more quality Kingdom. I’m not against a joint but just be careful when you do the QC Vendetta do a lot of weird needless shit to their cleans, I think maybe add a filter or something. They are weird a bit too dark and lacking detail…. Dunno just a bit off. So be tough on the cleaners as well as keeping the translations as they are with your releases. Cheeers again guys.

    • lol, we’re not based in either Malaysia or Singapore. Not sure I’d like to take the chance to get high in countries where they execute drug traffickers either : P.

      We’ll try to fix anything that’s really off but for these current chapter’s a lot of it has to do with the raws not being all that great. Sometimes even whole pages are missing so we’ve been copying em off really terrible Chinese raw websites and fixing them up as best we can.

  18. Thank you guys for your great work !! 🙂

  19. Kingdom lover

    Thank you, Been checking the site every day for updates, cant wait till the next vol:D

  20. I just wanted to thank you guys for making this great manga available to us. I really like Kingdom, and I was thrilled when new chapters were being released again. I hope there’s many more to come, and just know that your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  21. Buta chan

    Thanks sooo much for the releases Turnip 😀 I really enjoy this manga! Exploring the history of China’s first king in manga form is an epic experience. I hope the scans continue! (y)

  22. PeacefulPerson

    Thanks guys. glad you managed to work something out with the other group.

  23. Lepid

    THANK YOU i even feel kind of bad asking this but moar!!

    great job guys…i dont usually do this but for the first time i came here to give my support

  24. Totaldang

    Thank you for these great manga updates, made easter even better! On a side node: 58v2 seems not to be uploaded right. If possible can you guys please fix the download link?

  25. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapters and delighted about the Joint with Vendetta….I wish you guys all the best with your newfound alliance.

  26. Cloud

    Thanks for thr chapters, When I see an update of Kingdom… I always feel excited. Awesome manga… I love it. Thanks guys! Im so glad that there is Kingdom to look forward to from all of you. God Bless

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