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Kingdom Chapters 86-90

So I heard you liked cliffhangers.

n.b. QC of this release was in no way delayed by the release of Eva 3.33.

Also, we’ll probably release the 3 mid-week chapters in ~48 hrs assuming I don’t get hit by a bus.

Chapter 86

Chapter 87

Chapter 88

Chapter 89v2

Chapter 90

v2 edit: funny how you don’t spot major errors til you actually release.


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Release Delayed


I assumed gongitraped would send Vendetta their half of chapters to typeset and he assumed I would…

Turns out they just sat there in our dropbox until this morning.

Man, we’re good.

Anyway, this lot’ll get released soon as we get them back and we’re already working on translating the next chapters so the release on Thursday should be fine… probably… heh.


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Kingdom Chapters 82-85

Finally back to main story line.

Great Strength Strong Fist! <- wth

Chapter 82

Chapter 83

Chapter 84

Chapter 85


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Kingdom Chapters 78-81

Here’s the rest of Shika’s story. Next up, an arc not covered by the anime!… I think… haven’t actually watched it.

Some other stuff: deciding to aim for ~8 chapters a week, ~3 midweek around Thursday and ~5 on Sundays (You’ll get 4 chapters this Thursday). This is because:

1. 8 is lucky Chinese number! Hot dog!

2. Technically we can boast that we’re so fast we’re doing more than one chapter a day!

3. Too lazy to do more than that.

4. Thonk!

Chapter 78

Chapter 79

Chapter 80

Chapter 81


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Kingdom Chapters 75-77

So I bet you thought you were gonna get 6 chapters.


n.b. Releases will now be pegged to the Bitcoin – USD exchange rate as a reflection of how sad I currently am.

Chapter 75

Chapter 76

Chapter 77

Also, heres a v2 of c72 since we buggered up the state name of Zhao -> Zhou

Chapter 72v2


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Kingdom Chapters 70-74

“OMG 8 days since they last released! Blasphemy! Burn the Heretics! NID MOAR KINGDAMU!”

Yes, yes. Sorry for the delay, real life ensued. Thank you all for your exceedingly enthusiastic pleas and demands for more  of the story of Chinese boy get sword, go rip.

And without further ado, the rest of volume 7:

Chapter 70

Chapter 71

Chapter 72v2

Chapter 73

Chapter 74


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Kingdom Chapters 64-69

Oke doke, herr is da khaptas.

Chapter 64

Chapter 65

Chapter 66

Chapter 67

Chapter 68

Chapter 69


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Kingdom Chapters 59-63

Our first joint releases with Vendetta Scans and the rest of volume 6.

Cancer lancer too OP.

Not as OP as Shin though…

Edit: Read the comments if you’d like to know the specifics on who does what or why chapter 59 only had Vendetta’s credit page. (TL;DR it’s all our fault)

Chapter 59

Chapter 60

Chapter 61

Chapter 62

Chapter 63


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