Kingdom Chapters 59-63

Our first joint releases with Vendetta Scans and the rest of volume 6.

Cancer lancer too OP.

Not as OP as Shin though…

Edit: Read the comments if you’d like to know the specifics on who does what or why chapter 59 only had Vendetta’s credit page. (TL;DR it’s all our fault)

Chapter 59

Chapter 60

Chapter 61

Chapter 62

Chapter 63



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30 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 59-63

  1. Inky

    Y’all are awesome ๐Ÿ˜€
    Keep up the quality work

  2. fein

    Thanks for the fast release once again!
    (after reading…)
    so…the translation is still from kewl0210 but it’s being edited by Turnip to make it flow more smoothly?
    and yes, this DOES looks better, and the names have been kept and not continuing using the chinese names who looks so confusing, this is the best!

    PS: just abit picky about the credits page added from vendetta scans, feels like Turnip Farmers is just taking care of the “stuff” behind (archiving + upload) and have nothing to do with the scanlation….
    I do hope they can at least addin what you did (like proofreading+editing…etc)

    • Vendetta provides cleans and redraws. The translation is still from Turnip.

      P/S: You guys are too awesome!

    • We’re doing the translations and sometimes using kewl’s script for reference right now which is why he’s still credited.

      On the credit page itself, we typically only include a single page on the first chapter of a volume but since we started the joint I’ve just included Vendetta’s on that chapter. You’ll notice if you extract all the chapters of volume 6 into a single folder it’ll all work out.

      Both our and vendetta’s credit pages will appear on the first chapter of the next release.

      We really don’t don’t care that much about credit. We’re only in the scanlation business, so to speak, to make sure the scans provided hopefully do justice to the original manga. We’re the culprits responsible for that Vendetta credit page who just wrote “stuff” there on the page vendetta provided us with LOL. Couldn’t be bothered listing all the small details.

      Essentially what happens is:
      Vendetta provides their cleans. We touch a few of them up sometimes.
      We handle translation.
      Typesetting is split around half-half (Vendetta did the first 3 chapters and we did the latter 2 for this batch)
      All the Chapters get a final QC by us and then released.

      • Pinstripe

        Haha, thanks for clarifying. It read like your guys’ work, which is why I stumbled at that credits page. And here I was, ready for some stern, albeit silent (it’s the thought that counts) fist waving in Vendetta’s general direction, for what I thought was a grave injustice. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case.

        Regardless, thanks, as always, for these great Kingdom releases. Judging by this latest batch of chapters, it looks like everything’s working out just fine between your respective groups, in this collaboration. Collaboration: because my mind goes straight to the gutter with all this ‘joint’ talk (mmmm, knees).

      • fein

        So that’s how it is~ ๐Ÿ˜€
        Turnips jobs for Kingdom’s joint is “Translation+50% Typesetting and QC”
        But still, must include what you did isn’t it? if not it all becomes OTHERS effort in the end although it’s you who put so much time into it as well…

        by the way, It’s quite “special” to see Turnip doesn’t quite bother much about being credited, as you can see most of the scanlations team MIND about their credit pages ALOT and if we ask them “is it ok to remove some of the duplicated credits pages for some chapters since they ARE the same as the other 1-2 chaptes in the same volume and just to keep the file size smaller by a little?”
        then end up they will tell you “Don’t remove a thing, if you do, you’re not allow to share it anymore…etc”

        Sometimes I really want to say “come on, I’m not removing everything, just the duplicate only, and I’m not editing your credit page isn’t it?!”

      • Technically, we also redraw. Most of them are done by Vendetta though.

      • fein

        O.Ol’l redraw included as well? (ok, then that makes it about 15-25% redraw)

        Then you NEED to have a proper credit for it cos you deserve it!!! XD
        being humble is nice, but you must still give credit to yourself when it’s needed to do so! ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Lover of Gaykuti / He will "Wataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah" your ass!!! /

    Thanks ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Pinstripe

    “Stuff”. Not sure how to feel about that credit; and here I was hoping you guys would be the ones translating the series, instead of that kewl0210 guy (if you can even call them translations). But I’m not tripping over the dialogue anymore, so I can only assume that’s your handiwork. That being said, how involved are you in the series? What’s your role in this joint? I’d hate for you guys to be left at the tail end of the process, which is why you were hesitant to join up with them in the first place; where you’re going over and quality checking the stuff Vendetta’s own QC couldn’t be bothered to catch or fix, themselves.

    • See my reply above. Thanks for feeling defensive on our part but rest assured, we’re the one’s who stuffed around with the credits, not Vendetta and we’re definitely not just at the tail end of this process.

  5. sufi

    I reload the page every time for this manga, its 1 of the best after OP,naruto&bleach!!! so thrilling and make ur heart beat fast =)) thx sooo much guys~~~ love U all =))))

  6. Quoi

    Thanks for the scans,

  7. James

    thank youuuuuuu!!!!

  8. Becars

    Thanks for the chapters guys. But, I have to say that I can tell Vendetta did the cleans, the contrasts are weird. Especially the greys! I can’t see the .psd files so I couldn’t say exactly what they’re doing wrong but I do suspect they’re a group that does the asinine practice of denoising tankลbon raws (or using some such filter). When the denoise thing was brought in as a quick fix solution for magazine raws. I could be wrong, it may just be over levelled or zealously cleaned thus losing detail. But as someone who is a HQ fiend, which is tough now as it’s very much a dying art, these don’t look as good!

    Just my two cents. Still very appreciative of the work and agree a joint is better than a race.

    • Hmmm, Have just been looking into it. I believe it’s just a case of them overleveling the white’s.

      Here’s an example:,Hj4s4Dd,Hj4s4Dd#1

      Should be relatively easy to fix now we’ve pinpointed it. Please tell us how it is on the release of next batch of chapter’s though.

      • Becars

        That’s definitely it! There is just that ping of detail missing in the grey because of too much white. It can happen if levels are done while mostly looking at blacks and focusing more on trying to get them darker. Thanks for taking the time out to check what I said. If I could give you more than thanks I would.

  9. G2V

    Thank you very much.

  10. makfresh22

    Thanks for the Chapters ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Minamino

    All hail turnip farmers & vendetta scan!

  12. dankZ

    Thank you for this.

  13. kizku

    great that it worked out between you and vendetta. thanks for the release!

  14. Sinigr

    Ty for the release great manga indeed i can’t wait for the next release :)!

  15. mayorista

    Thanks a lot!

  16. A Sheep

    I keep comming back here to see if there is an update. Such a good manga TT_TT thanks for the release! YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!

  17. Boris Manuel

    we need another new release dude

  18. SuperGhandi

    Just wanted to give you my thanks for those incredibly fast releases. I’m used to wait weeks for 1 chapter, so this is a welcome change

    Just don’t overwork yourselves

  19. PeacefulPerson

    Thanks a alot.

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