Kingdom Chapters 78-81

Here’s the rest of Shika’s story. Next up, an arc not covered by the anime!… I think… haven’t actually watched it.

Some other stuff: deciding to aim for ~8 chapters a week, ~3 midweek around Thursday and ~5 on Sundays (You’ll get 4 chapters this Thursday). This is because:

1. 8 is lucky Chinese number! Hot dog!

2. Technically we can boast that we’re so fast we’re doing more than one chapter a day!

3. Too lazy to do more than that.

4. Thonk!

Chapter 78

Chapter 79

Chapter 80

Chapter 81



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17 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 78-81

  1. Mayorista

    Woah!! Holy shit! You are incredible guys! And yeah, that arc isn’t covered in the anime. Since I couldn’t wait, I have already seen all 39 episodes of the anime xD

  2. Drahcir4

    Thank you very much

  3. Deadlyclaw

    Thanks 😀

  4. makfresh22

    Thanks a lot guys!!!!…….really enjoyed the arc 🙂

  5. deauxe

    guys, thank you very much for your wonderful work on this awesome manga 🙂

  6. theo

    Pleas use “lord’ instead of “sama”
    “san” is also unnecessary.

    • theo

      I mean “Lord Sei” instead of “Sei sama”

      • Please don’t. It will make me cry just as it did when you used mister T.T

        Theo, please learn a bit about the suffix in Japanese so they won’t have to hear someone tell them to translate “chan”. If you learn about those then the manga becomes more interesting.

        Now since you wanted to use “lord” for “sama”, what about “dono”, “kun”, “sempai”, “kouhai” and “shi”? /me is already crying while imagining what kind of stuff you may say.

        Oh this isn’t a flame post or trolling post. I’m just tired of seeing people wanting to make everything English. No wonder dubbed anime makes me cry and US adaptation of manga likewise….battle royale, battle vixen…yes I cried cuz I bought.

      • We hated using Mister too. But it was either Mister Shi or Shi-shi with a translation note. Not too sure many people know that shi is a suffix either since it isn’t that commonly used.

        Anyway, suffixes have been a pretty contentious issue over the history of scanlation. Can’t please everyone. We don’t have any plans to stop using them because as pointed out, there are slight differences in meaning.

  7. Thanks for the chapters…I just want to say one thing: Shiiiiikaaaaaaaaa

    She would have been a nice addition to the manga. I cried sooo much seeing such a chick die in front of me, one that would guide Sei so well, also in bed. 😉

  8. Buta chan

    Your scanlations are much appreciated, Turnip farmers 😀

  9. xanius

    Damn, you guys are seriously awesome. Thanks.

  10. Pares

    Thank you very much, don’t worry about speed cause you are the fastest by far

  11. Lunas

    Thanks for your hard work guys :). By the way your “3. Too lazy to do more than that.” is a contradiction……you can’t release 8 chapters a week and call yourselves lazy….just saying :p

  12. PeacefulPerson

    Thanks guys. great work as usual.

    didn’t really like this arc much, want to read more about shin and less about sei. looking forward to the upcoming chapters.

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