Kingdom Chapters 82-85

Finally back to main story line.

Great Strength Strong Fist! <- wth

Chapter 82

Chapter 83

Chapter 84

Chapter 85



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30 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 82-85

  1. Lunas

    FIRST :), my first fIrst ever!!!……on another note, Thanks guys for your hard work.

  2. PeacefulPerson

    Thank god. got sick of Sei already. MORE Shin please >:D

  3. lemonsier

    Woah! It has gotten freakin interesting again!

  4. another free user

    Thank You!

  5. G2V

    Thank you very much.

  6. PeacefulPerson

    Thanks guys. just loving the pace you guys are keeping.

  7. Chen Xie


  8. hibyeman

    thanks a lot guys fast as ever!


    Turnip! Turnip! Turnip! Thanks!

  10. kizku

    another great release by you guys! thanks to turnip farmers and vendetta scans!

  11. makfresh22

    Thanks guys…….the chapters were amazing!!!!

  12. Id

    at first when i read omas daily realeases i was very impressed, but as i’m seeing you releas-pace it’s like getting a heart attack 😀 thank you very much guys!

    on a side note: i would like to see a group realeasing as fast and accurate as you taking up ‘ruler of the land’ that would be so much awesomeness every week ;D

  13. theo

    Yahoo! You guys are the best!

  14. Sheep


  15. goldmonkey

    The secret behind this manga has to be convincing action. Not in the sense that it’s carried out realistically, but it’s for realistic reasons. It’s certainly not carried by any characters. “I’m special, you can tell because my eyes are wide open” is hardly what I’d call an interesting character trait. Ouki’s lips, on the other hand… Let’s not forget the pacing though. It doesn’t dwell on anything for too long and doesn’t move too quickly either.

  16. barcafan

    Great manga! Thanks a lot!

  17. Remon

    Thank you so so much for the chapters. It’s a awesome manhua. It’s been a while since I have read such a great manhua after “RYUURODEN”. If it’s possible for can you include “Ryuuroden” in your projects? It’s also a chinease manhua. I am also gonna request vendetta scan too. If you can scanlate it by joining with them then that would be awesome. here is the baka-update link—-
    the scanlator site that were doing this project are gone. So if you guys pick it up then that would be awesome. 😀

    • This has sort of been asked enough (particularly about Ryuuroden) that I just added it to the FAQ.

      Here it is copy pasted below:

      We won’t be taking any other projects until we’re up to date with Kingdom. This is simply because any time we spent on another project right now would be time not spent scanlating Kingdom.

      Note that this means we probably won’t be taking another project for quite a long time. If we assume we can translate 1 chapter a day, we’d be up to date around the end of January 2014.

      • goldmonkey

        Fuck yeah. That’s a lot of Kingdom to come.

      • yan

        Its really good to hear you wont spread yourself , because there are other groups that do more chapters per day than you(they are few admitedly)
        and it was always frustrating watching them struggle along with something like 10 or more projects instead of doing one and doing it well like you.

  18. ronaldjefry

    I gotta give props to you guys! Hardly ever see as reliable scanlators! Keep the good work up….. and I am near the limit of my withdrawal symptoms….. NEAD MOAR CHAPTERS!



  20. kingdomfan

    When I first saw the first page of this manga, I thought: I don’t think I’m gonna like this one… How could I ever think that??? This manga is amazing!!
    And thank you so much guys for you hard work!!!

  21. Mushi

    One of my favourite mangas of all time. Thanks so much for all your hard work guys! You’re all freaking awesome!!

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