Release Delayed


I assumed gongitraped would send Vendetta their half of chapters to typeset and he assumed I would…

Turns out they just sat there in our dropbox until this morning.

Man, we’re good.

Anyway, this lot’ll get released soon as we get them back and we’re already working on translating the next chapters so the release on Thursday should be fine… probably… heh.



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15 responses to “Release Delayed

  1. dont you worry child

    Don’t worry, your release rate is incredible fast anyway!

  2. James

    nuooooOOOooooo, jk, thx as always! looking forward to the releases!! πŸ™‚

  3. LIK

    Ah, so this must be how drug addicts feel when they dont get their shot ….. -.-

  4. Lunas

    Proof that you guys are human, happy to see it……..was starting to lean towards the supernatural (black magic and the like) with the speed of your releases.

  5. Annoyer

    Wow that sucks, im leaving on thursday. Well, I guess I will just have to wait till i come back in june.

  6. Remon

    Let it go bro. You guys are already fast enough. Just keep up this speed and all will be well. Thanks for your hard work bro.:D

  7. Remon

    Oh yeah, I forgot! Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know that you guys have that kind of plan (sorry didn’t read the FAQ) but if it’s about kingdom then it’s okay. Kingdom is really an awesome manga and I really like it. I have two requests to you guys-
    First, plz don’t quit in the mid way of scanlating Kingdom. There are some awesome manga that had to face this kind of problem (like “Ryuuroden”). I don’t want that to happen for kingdom too.
    Second, when you are done with kingdom if it’s possible for you plz pick up Ryuuroden as your next project.
    Again thanks a lot for your hard work. I am looking forward to next chapters of Kingdom.

    • Lunas

      I proposed Ryuuroden before as well since I like it and thought that it was similar enough that they might enjoy working on it, but in the end they should only pick up a project which they themselves would enjoy working on. It makes no sense for them to pick up a project which they don’t enjoy working on and then dropping it soon after. I’m sure whatever they pick to work on/ if they decided to work on something after kingdom is done, will be just as great if not better than kingdom so lets just stick around and see :).

      • Chris

        no damn way is ryuurouden better than kingdom!

      • Lunas

        Never said it was, I just said I liked Ryuuroden :)….nothing wrong with that right?

      • LIK

        Well, I for once hope that they wont take anything before Kingdom is fully out, dont want them to slow the pace for kingdom even a little :P. Selfish aint I ? πŸ™‚ But seriously, how Kingdom was left behind for so long is beyond me. It seriously KICKS ASS! I mean it started 2006! Blasphemy!!

      • Lunas

        lol agreed, I also have trouble understanding how kingdom was in the shadows for so long. I read quite alot of manga/manhwa but never even heard of kingdom till like 2 months ago. Thats truly surprising cause its a really good read.

  8. Remon

    Yeah It was same for me too. When I learned about the chapters of Kingdom. It was like OMG for me.

  9. dont you worry child

    there was a time… I met a girl of a different kind…

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