Kingdom Chapters 86-90

So I heard you liked cliffhangers.

n.b. QC of this release was in no way delayed by the release of Eva 3.33.

Also, we’ll probably release the 3 mid-week chapters in ~48 hrs assuming I don’t get hit by a bus.

Chapter 86

Chapter 87

Chapter 88

Chapter 89v2

Chapter 90

v2 edit: funny how you don’t spot major errors til you actually release.



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18 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 86-90

  1. Annoyer

    I thought you guys said Thursday. You sneaky bastards, good thing I check everyday. Thank you. ;p

  2. Lunas

    Thanks for your hard work as always……I’m not first anymore, o well i’ll take first loser

  3. zipitfast

    Kingdom is Friggin Awesome!! Thank you guys for your hard work! keep em coming 🙂

  4. hibyeman

    inb4 hit by bus. thanks for the great chapters!

  5. PeacefulPerson

    thanks for this. praying you won’t get hit by a bus.

    man, i want more shin and ten, but i want an awesome shin, not one that being kicked around.

  6. kingdomfan

    Today is great! A new king in my country and more kingdom chapters! ^.^ Thank you so much!!!

  7. dont you worry child

    HELL YEAH!!1111

  8. yan

    What a sweet treat right after work ! 😀

  9. Mushi

    So fast… Thanks for your amazing work!

  10. Remon

    I gonna kill the bus driver and send him in hell along with his friggin damn bus. Thanks so much for the chapters. You guys are FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!!!

  11. makfresh22

    Thanks guys……..once again the chapters were amazing…am just surprised they weren’t included in the anime…..they are one of the best so far!!!

  12. RoyalGuard

    Hey guys. Just wanted to say THANKS for the work of scanlating and translating Kingdom. I wanted to read it a long time ago, but the translations stopped and didn’t wanted to get hyped by it and not knowing that would happen after.

    Thank for the quick releases of it and take your time with it. I’m thankful that someone picked it up.

  13. Lunas

    ETA 15 Hour 52 minutes, If no bus accidents occur.

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