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Kingdom Chapters 119-121

100 days of Kingdom! Wicked Wings 4eva.

Chapter 119

Chapter 120

Chapter 121

Chapter 121 temporarily down because Oshit went stupid and uploaded an older version, stay tuned.


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Kingdom Chapters 114-118

Game Time Started. Houken is for the big.

Chapter 114

Chapter 115

Chapter 116

Chapter 117

Chapter 118


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Kingdom Chapters 111-113

Finally at the next war arc.

Chapter 111

Chapter 112

Chapter 113


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Kingdom Chapters 106-110

Chapter 108-110 will be released in approx. ~7 hrs as of time of writing.

Just started cleaning / translating it.

They’ll just be added to this page rather than a new post when they’re done.

Chapter 106

Chapter 107

And heres the rest. Pretty cool, managed to keep it ~10 MB/chapter for those worried about file sizes.

Chapter 108

Chapter 109

Chapter 110


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Kingdom Chapters 103-105

Apologies for the delay.

Added a Release Status Widgit on the sidebar. Any future delays will be reported there.

Will be releasing the last 3 chapters (edit: miscounted, only 2) of volume 10 on Sunday after which it’s likely we’ll switch to the digital raws since it shouldn’t actually take any significant additional time to use them.

Chapter 103

Chapter 104

Chapter 105


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Kingdom Chapters 100-102

Oh shit we broke triple digits!

Sei’s Jimmies:
Not Rustled [ ]
Rustled [X]

So only three chapters again this week.

Our excuse is We spent the day looking into how to rip higher quality raws instead of actually working (whoops). Seems we could feasibly rip digital editions of the manga which would make quality skyrocket.

Chapter 97, page 010-011
Current raws:
Digital raws:

Problems are:
I believe Vendetta has cleaned all the lower quality raws already so we’d have to redo work on the new sources?

Anyway, mostly conjecture for now, If we do decide to buy them / re-clean, you won’t see it until volume 11 probably.

Chapter 100

Chapter 101

Chapter 102


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Kingdom Chapters 97-99

Next war arc’s gonna to start… aaaany volume now…

edit: lol, put in wrong contents page… to balance this out, we’ll include volume 10’s contents page in the first chapter of volume 11! my logic is flawless.

Chapter 97

Chapter 98

Chapter 99


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