Kingdom Chapters 91-93

Shin’s Harem +1.

Chapter 91

Chapter 92

Chapter 93



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25 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 91-93

  1. Marik

    The link for 91 is the same as the one for 93.

  2. barcafan

    wow! amazing! Thanks turnip!

  3. I would like to publicly Say my thanks to the hard work you folks are doing in providing us with kingdom and the speed at which you do it. Amazing, it’s the new drug of my day(week) to await the notice that kingdom is up and I can dive into the pages and wonder away. You guys rock solid. Double thumbs up! Keep doing what you are doing. THANK YOU

  4. riz

    ❤ ❤ ❤

    Nothing makes me happier after work than coming home to a few chapters of kingudamu!

  5. rehat

    Guys, you are awesome!

  6. Lunas

    Thank you very much kind peoples for your hard works….who have not been hit by a bus and released 2 hours and 54 minutes earlier :).

  7. Funfzig

    I usually never care enough to say thanks for scanlation groups for their work but I really have to make an exception with you guys… Thanks for your quick scanlations of great quality.

  8. Pares

    shins is like goku he has a method to test for gender but its kinda rudimentary ;),again many thanks for the chapters.

  9. jackto

    thank you guys, your work is greatly appreciated.

  10. sparow

    you are the first group that made me go thank them like this ! thank u veryy much for awsome manga and amazing work !! 😀

  11. Mushi

    AWESOME. Thanks again!!

  12. yan

    awesome! youre awesome! thanks!

  13. dankZ

    thank you!

  14. PeacefulPerson

    Thanks guys. wasn’t expecting new chapters. but now i think we’re gonna end up with a long and boring back story of those singing, dancing female assassins.

  15. another free user

    awesome chapters. thank you!

  16. Rue

    Thanks a lot for the fast releases!

  17. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapters!!!!

  18. mindblown

    you guys are unreal truly thank you i appreciate all the hardwork you do.

  19. z3r0nik

    thanks a lot

  20. San

    Very nice. Keep it up.

  21. Masterofcookies

    Just like everyone says, thanks you for your good work, 3 chapters every 3 days is just insane and awesome. Keep up the good work, im 100% with you guys.

  22. Sima

    thank thank you thank you
    Very veryyyy much

  23. Remon


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