Kingdom Chapters 94-96

Shin’s Harem +1.

Only three chapters today, apparently people at Vendetta have “finals”. Damn students *shakes fist*.

Chapter 94

Chapter 95

Chapter 96



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21 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 94-96

  1. makfresh22

    loool….It’s cuul we still got three chapters today which is more than plenty….Thanks again for all your hard work

  2. barcafan

    thanks guys, there’s only one word that comes to mind: awesomeness

  3. Toriko San

    Thank you for the fast releases and the top quality work

  4. Holy shit!!! You guys are awesome!

  5. goldmonkey

    Shin’s harem +1, for a grand total of three.

  6. hibyeman

    thanks for the releases! i can sympathize with them as i also have finals that are a pain in the ass ;_;

  7. Lunas

    Thanks and yes everyone has finals……shouldn’t even be reading these chapters lol

  8. sado

    thanks guys this is amazing manga . i dont know why no one translate this manga till now

  9. PeacefulPerson

    thanks guys. awesome stuff. love the fact you guys release multiple chapters at a time. cliff hangers don’t hurt as much this way.

    keep up the good work.

  10. PeacefulPerson

    by they way. i have prevailed. i will not press on the spoiler link you placed.

  11. PeacefulPerson

    oh, and am glad they kept the dancing assassin girls back story to only two chapters.

  12. Seto1

    Thanks guys, cant wait to see the next chapters

  13. Remon

    Thankssssssssssss sooooooooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I knew you guys are fast but to this much that I didn’t know.

  14. Kas

    thank you !! 😀

  15. Thanks for doing this series! I really enjoy it. I really appreciate the fast and quality work you’ve done too. Thank you.

  16. Love you guys!!! you rock :9

  17. LIK

    My withdrawal symptoms are coming back… MOAAARRRR!!!

  18. Cloud

    I m having trouble thinking abt what would happen if u ever decide to take a break of more than a week -_- …. thnks for making me addicted to a great manga 🙂

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