Kingdom Chapters 97-99

Next war arc’s gonna to start… aaaany volume now…

edit: lol, put in wrong contents page… to balance this out, we’ll include volume 10’s contents page in the first chapter of volume 11! my logic is flawless.

Chapter 97

Chapter 98

Chapter 99



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17 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 97-99

  1. riz

    U r da bestest!!!! Xoxoxoxoxozxoxox

  2. makfresh22

    Thanks a lot guys!!!….chapters were amazing

  3. hibyeman

    yeah a nice pick me up during my organic chemistry studying woot! thanks for the chapters!

  4. Alex

    thank you!! one of the best manga I have read

  5. JV

    Thank you! 🙂

  6. Chen Xie

    Keep on rocking guys.

  7. Toriko San

    Thank you again.

    I am just wondering why the heck did I watch the anime for. It seems huge chunks were stripped out.

  8. Lunas

    Thank you very much :).

  9. Mario


  10. MANOLO

    Thank you amigos

  11. Habibi

    THX!!!! Keep the good work my friend ^^

  12. jahan

    please please consider translating ryuuroden no one doing it we really love this manga we been waiting for almost a year please pick up this project, we will be highly thank full.

    • Unfortunately our first priority at the moment is to focus on Kingdom exclusively seeing as how we’re still more than 240 chapters behind the Japanese raws, once we catch up we’ll definitely give Ryuuroden some thought but I can’t make any promises that we won’t just slack off and enjoy the breezy life of a one chapter per week schedule.

      • DeeCee2R

        BTW, Thanks you!!! I am so addicted to this manga. Thank you for the quick translation and good one at that. But please don’t torture the loyal fan of this manga with 1 chapter a week T_T… Keep up the good work, and once again Thank You!!

      • LIK

        Dang right. Delay is way too big to sacrifice time for other projects. Not that Ryuuroden is bad but still classifies as “other project”.

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