Kingdom Chapters 100-102

Oh shit we broke triple digits!

Sei’s Jimmies:
Not Rustled [ ]
Rustled [X]

So only three chapters again this week.

Our excuse is We spent the day looking into how to rip higher quality raws instead of actually working (whoops). Seems we could feasibly rip digital editions of the manga which would make quality skyrocket.

Chapter 97, page 010-011
Current raws:
Digital raws:

Problems are:
I believe Vendetta has cleaned all the lower quality raws already so we’d have to redo work on the new sources?

Anyway, mostly conjecture for now, If we do decide to buy them / re-clean, you won’t see it until volume 11 probably.

Chapter 100

Chapter 101

Chapter 102



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36 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 100-102

  1. Cloud

    thnks for the scans 🙂

  2. kizku

    that’s some twist in 102. thanks for the release!

  3. No SPAM Mail

    Thanks again!
    P.S. : The quality is already very good, imho.

  4. Lunas

    Gratz on breaking triple digits :). As for the high res quality…it does look very nice (clean/sharp) but at the same time the lower res have a gritty character that i feel is appropriate for a war manga. In any case thanks for your hard work and unparalleled strive for quality.

  5. James

    Thx again! I also think the original one u guys r currently using is already very good. I’m fine either way. Just need more chapters 😛

  6. Wow! The digital raw looks so much better and cleaner.

  7. Orange

    Fantastic series. Way better than the anime. Thanks for scanlating!

  8. LIK

    Thx for release. And yeah, there really is a big difference in quality, would love to see more of those.

  9. Toriko San

    Thank you. I really don’t care about the quality as much as I care about the translation and you guys rock !!!

  10. Congrats on the triple digits break! Good work as always 😡

  11. Qate

    The digital ones are the way to go, because they are much cleaner, crispier and better than the current scans.
    Also, if you decide to buy them, redraws/double pages won’t be of any problem, will be a simple matter of cleaning the text.
    If vandetta scans do not wish to redo the clean, you can always go back solo the way you did in earlier chapters, because I understand their only job is to provide clean raws (plus its THEIR FAULT TO CLEAN 18 VOLUMES IN ADVANCE!!!!! WTH!)

  12. hibyeman

    those digital ones are wayyyyyy better! you should use those if u can! also thanks for the chapters! 6 chapters a week is 5 more than we see from any other series so dont sweat the one less chapter 🙂

  13. ilmu

    “Anyway, mostly conjecture for now, If we do decide to buy them / re-clean, you won’t see it until volume 11 probably.”

    On what volume are we now?

  14. fein

    I would love to see kingdom using that clearer digital scan raws too, but as you know, for the current LQ scan ones already took up quite a big amount of space for a full volume manga (mostly over 100MB per volume now), if you use the digital ones would take up another 100MB of space, which means mostly is 200MB+ per full volume (just like what I get for downloading the other digital raw scan manga series), as for kingdom being such a LONG manga, I would rather prefer smaller size over quality though…

    but still, it up to Turnip Farmers to choose if you want too~ 🙂

    • Just tested optimising filesize of the pngs of v11, Should be roughly 150 mb per volume. Current volumes are around 110mb (since we didn’t bother compressing them until now) so it’s not too much different from normal i guess…?

  15. deauxe

    the lower quality scans are already very good, I find my self staring at some panels :).
    it has a gritty and raw feel to it, it looks like it’s drawn and shaded by a human. the digital raws looks quite bland in comparison.

    • nodde

      I agree with deauxe, I like the grittiness of the scans you’re currently using, it helps sets the atmosphere. the digital one is just too smooth, it feels flat. but whatever you decide, I’ll be looking forward to it. Thank you for your hard work 🙂

  16. moe

    I think you should definitely go with the higher quality scans, it’ll be less work for the cleaners/redrawers and they’re much nicer to look at. Great job as usual though, thanks for the chapters 🙂

  17. Gin

    Excuse me! May I ask one thing? I would like to know the real name of the character in the history but I can’t because all the names were translated into Japanese. Is there any way to translate those names back to Chinese? I am really curious about that. Anyway, thanks so much for the translation and for any help.

    • Who do you want to know about in specific? Typing out the whole character list would be pretty long for this comment section.

      If we’re going by key players around current chapters theres:

      Shin – 李信 – Li Xin
      Ten – 河了貂 – He Liao Diao
      Kyoukai – 羌瘣 – Qiang Lei
      Sei – 嬴政 – Ying Zheng
      Ryofui – 呂不韋 – Lü Bu wei

      • Gin

        Firstly, thanks a lot for your help :D. There was a translation of this manga (only the first 20 chapters) which used the Chinese names and I could find out some of the character like Sei, Ryofui, and Ouki (who is Wang Jian, I guess)

        However, turnipfarmer team no longer uses Chinese name, so it’s hard to follow now. For examples, Shōbunkun, Heki, the two commanders-in-chief of Wei & Qin, the core members of Ryofui faction like Shouhei-kun and Moubu… I believe there are many more to come and I am really curious about how the historic figures are portrayed in this manga; Therefore, I would like to know if there is a way to translate those names to Chinese just like you did above (Shin -> Li Xin). Your help is really appreciated. Have a good day 😀

      • Actually Ouki is Wang Yi, Wang Jian will show up later.

        Shoubunkun – 昌文君 – Chang Wen Jun / Lord Chang Wen
        Heki – 壁 – Bi
        Duke Hyou – 麃公 – Biao Gong
        Gokei – 吳慶 – Wu Qing

        4 Pillars
        Shouheikun – 昌平君 – Chang Ping Jun / Lord Chang Ping
        Moubu – 蒙武 – Meng Wu
        Rishi – 李斯- Li Si
        Saitaku – 蔡澤 – Cai Ze

        We were thinking of doing an excel spreadsheet with JP/CN names for
        people to compare, but that idea kinda fell out of our minds after we had to speed up the release rate, we’ll see if we have the time to scrounge one together later.

        In the meantime, if you’re really desperate you could try those auto translation services by either copy pasting the names or just doing the entire page from the Chinese wiki’s Kingdom character page here.

      • Toriko San

        I got use to the Chinese names also because of A-Destiny Anime fansubbing. I kinda of preferred them as I got use to them but now I got use to the Jap names now.

        Anyhow, you can get the Summary page from the volumes 2, 3, 4 and 5 by VendettaScans as they use the Chinese transliteration of the names. (Summary page is always the first chapter of the volume).

        You can either download load it from their site or view them online at

        Here is the first summary page

        On other news. I hope a chapters are coming out today. I need my fix and as always thank you for the hard work 🙂

  18. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapters…..I don’t mind the digital raws but since vendetta have already cleaned the old ones it might be better to just use them till after volume 18…but it’s still your decision at the end, I’m cuul with what ever you choose.

  19. Gin

    @gongitraped: Your help is greatly appreciated. Now I can look up for some of those characters in the history. Obviously, your idea (about the excel file) is great. Hope that you will do it in future. Once again, thanks for everything.

  20. thanks for the scans guys, can we get another release more faster

  21. wano

    I read in wikipedia ‘Qin’s wars of unification’ (it start after Sei become adult enough to be the Emperor), mostly Wang Jian will be Qin’s general that conquer other states. Li Xin name only appear in Conquest of Zhu, but he fail… and Wang Jian replace him to conquer Zhu. That’s all about Li Xin. I hope the Kingdom mangaka will do something like; maybe some story about Li Xin takes the name of Wang Jian, after the real Wang Jian died. (his real name is Li Xin, but some arc about how he’ll take the ‘Wang Jian’ name), just like how he inherit Wang Yi spear & Duke Hyou/Biao Gong protector (u can read raw)… (^_^)V

    • maromo

      Man there are some serious spoilers there, dammit

      • yan

        thanks famrmers! and yea wano you suck! thank god he has atrocious grammar so i didnt really understand exactly what he wrote before realising its a spoiler and ignoring it

  22. Buta chan

    HOLY SHIZZLE! congratulations on scanlating 100 CHAPS of Kingdom! WOOTWOOT! Thank you for your dedication to this project. You have earned yourself a loyal follower ^_^

    I appreciate the time and effort you guys put into scanlating regardless of the pace – no complaints. 😀

  23. Thanks for translating, I red the manga during last Christmas until chapter 30 or what was available then, and now it is at 100. Wooooow.
    I will sit there next night ^_^

    To the digital pix:
    Dont do work twice. Use the cleaned old stuff and tell the Cleaners to use the digital source for the future.
    If you want you can clean full size / double page pictures (like the example), then the quality is maybe important, but for smaller ones it is negligible.

  24. Paulina

    Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  25. maradona

    no new chapters today? 😦

  26. LIK

    Need. My. Weekly: Dosage…

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