Kingdom Chapters 103-105

Apologies for the delay.

Added a Release Status Widgit on the sidebar. Any future delays will be reported there.

Will be releasing the last 3 chapters (edit: miscounted, only 2) of volume 10 on Sunday after which it’s likely we’ll switch to the digital raws since it shouldn’t actually take any significant additional time to use them.

Chapter 103

Chapter 104

Chapter 105



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36 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 103-105

  1. goldmonkey

    For some reason I was disappointed when the gates to Ouki’s city didn’t look like giant lips.

  2. Toriko San


  3. maradona

    Yay thank you!

  4. yan

    thank you! im really glad about the status sidebar , i wanted to ask for something like that for a while but feared to insult .
    so thank very much.

  5. RandomFan

    This manga is my favorite atm and i’d never discovered it if not for the effort of you guys,
    Thanks a lot!

  6. Keul

    Many thanks to you guys again.

  7. No SPAM Mail

    Thank you again! 🙂

  8. Remon

    Thanks a lotTTTTTTTTTTTTTD:

  9. TomS

    I’m very happy you guys are putting in such effort translating this, thanks alot!

  10. makfresh22

    Thanks a lot for the chapters!!!! 🙂

  11. LIK

    Thx a lot. Cant wait for those digital over 9000 uber releases 😀

  12. Lunas

    Thanks and i like the widget, when i saw it i had an urge to comment on it but since it doesn’t have a comment option itself I couldn’t :(. o well it does what it needs to do.

  13. Buta chan

    Thanks for yet another scanlation of Kingdom 😀

  14. tita

    i know its rude to say but although your realese rate is great i kinda wish that you wouldnt have excited me with 8 ch per week cus now i feel kinda dissapointed when you keep releasing 6 per week and this week even 5 :\

    • LIK

      This week 6 not 5 amigo, and having 2 chaps less per week isnt near as cataclysmic as it seems. For example, im reading a book that wont have sequel for couple of years, makes me wanna hang myself -.-

      • Toriko San

        Manga book? I can guess Berserk.

        I remember reading a sci-fi book that took 1-4 years between each volume. It was 14 volumes in total. I gave up around volume 10 thinking the guy would drop dead before finishing. He dropped dead before completing volume 12 and an another author had to finish it.

      • LIK

        Book book xD. Tho Im reading Berserk as well. Its Song of Ice and Fire, its adapted in Game of Thrones series and it seriously hooked me up. Books are awesome, and its not like I have habit of reading books, just took a peek cuz I was slightly interested, then another and another and before I knew it Ive finished all 5 of them….Fortunately Kingdom pitched in to help, its been a long while since I stumbled at manga half this good.

      • deauxe

        G.R.R. Martin’s winds of winter probably, hope he doesn’t drop dead.

      • LIK

        Hey hey shuuush…Others take you… The man has 65 only, US average lifespan being 78.57 means he has plenty of time -.-

    • Fair enough actually, feel free to direct all hate mail to since it’s linked directly to Oshit’s email and he’s the useless lazy git who’s responsible for all your delays. (Not even joking.)

    • Toriko San

      A “good” manga can never be as good as a “good” book but books require a little more effort and time. 🙂

      Game of Thrones never really had the chance to get into it or “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

      Looking at wiki the page, it took him 15 years to release the 5th book since the first one’s release (1996). The 6th book is scheduled to be released in the final quarter of 2013. And the final book ???

      7 Books is a good number of books for a series. Not 14!!! 14 is crazy much. Though the author only died at 58 (RIP).

      • deauxe

        those 7(5 as of now) books average at around 1000pages each so it’s on crazy levels too

      • Toriko San

        The Wheel of Time has similar paging. Total collection is just shy of 12K pages. The number of pages is never a problem its the frequency between releases the issue. A few years for a book one can read within a week or two is painful.

        Two Decades from first release is too much and the last for books took a decade. And when you have the last four books left.. “ouch”. Never again will I start on a book series with a continuous story line unless it has been completed. NEVER!!! XD

      • Bloody series with >3 books. I read Sanderson’s Way of Kings thinking it was a trilogy and now I’m here stuck waiting another decade or two.

      • Toriko San

        Quit while you are not hooked. Wait until the series is finished before beginning. There are thousands of epic books that are complete 🙂

        PS. Thanks for the work on Kingdom. I can’t thank you guys enough.

    • Someone told me to get off my arse and go clean / typeset another 3 chapters so now you’re getting 5, just delayed ~6-8 hrs. Will try to keep to what we promised in future. 😛



  16. yan

    Thank you for the for the 5 chapters! but please dont overwork you self and burn out

  17. PeacefulPerson

    thank you.

  18. riz

    U guys are unreal!! Words cant do justice to my appreciation of your efforts!

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