Kingdom Chapters 111-113

Finally at the next war arc.

Chapter 111

Chapter 112

Chapter 113



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36 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 111-113

  1. LIK


  2. LIK

    Oh thx guys, but wrong timing, i have to go to collegue in 35 seconds, dang…

  3. Qate

    Waiting for you to submit it to Batoto

  4. zipitfast


  5. RandomFan

    dat deathflag on ouki :/

  6. riz

    Oowwww yeaaaah!!!!

  7. canmanu

    Huge thanks for these, keep up the awesome work!

  8. Kevin

    i just finished reading. man thanks its like cocaine i cant wait for my next hit

  9. mindblown

    As always you provide the finest quality of work with the fastest release times. You guys are simply unbelievable. If there is any way I can help besides the donations please let me know. I want to help you guys anyway I can.

  10. Deadlyclaw

    THX 😀

  11. Kami

    thank you for the release

  12. Jonathan


    while being unbelievably happy with the speed of release my body wants MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE


    please, ima cry

  13. nanashi

    Seriously guys, many thanks. I love your release pace, and hope you keep it up (or go faster lol). Having read all of what you put out, and watched the first 15 or so episodes of the anime…. should i watch the rest? I noticed it skipped the assassin arc….

    • LIK

      Id recommend to watch it after you read this war arc. Anime will obviously spoil the main story without all those nice fine details manga has. Just my opinion.

  14. You’ve got good scans here, nothing I can say.

  15. FanofYours

    Thanks alot for translating this !

  16. Zagreus

    Thanksss A lotttt for the releaseeee…..

    Appreciate it guyssss

  17. I love you guys, all of the homo.

  18. Kurant

    You guys are great, thanks again for the releases!!!!!!

  19. xanius


  20. PeacefulPerson

    thanks guys.

  21. Lunas

    Thank you :)!!!

  22. Remon

    NUFUFUFU, Finally a big bang battle is coming up. Thanks a lot bro. I am looking forward to the next epic chapters of battle.

  23. makfresh22

    Thanks guys!!!

  24. maradona

    Many thanks!

  25. LIK

    Hmmm I looove sundays, cant imagine why, Nfufufufu.

    • Remon

      Nfufufu, perhaps because it’s called Sunday, I mean Kingdom’s day, Nfufufufu.

      • Jonathan

        Nfufufufufu, game of thrones comes out on sundays and the first thing i think of is Kingdom, pray for an extra chapter ladies and gents

      • LIK

        Grab the books! They are only 75 times better, tho series is great too :). Damn, my bad habit again, just mention of Kingdom, Game of Thrones and Berserk turns me into screaming cheerleader -.-. If Kingdom had about 15 weekly releases I think id overdose :D.

      • Remon

        Bro, what is game of thrones? Is it a manga???

      • LIK

        Its normal series on TV, setting is smthing like medieval fantasy, made after original book, not manga book, real thing. Really addictive stuff. Recommend both series and book, tho once again, book is much better.

  26. Sima

    Everyday Sunday
    I am waiting for game of thorn and kingdom
    is make my Sunday felt better
    Game of thorn novel writen by George R. R. Martin

    And tv series about 7 kingdom etc….
    Has dragon, wolf , drak magic but is more mature is not for everyone
    This drama has lot of adult seen and bloody only ur are 17 up then u go head watch younger then that don’t watch … is on season 3 but to understand kingdom line better family line book more then 5 book is on store
    read the book first ….Barnes noble has special price if u buy 4noble size book is cost only 21.89 cent one hard cover book cost around 35 …. God that kingdom and game of thorn best manga and book I read it

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