Kingdom Chapters 114-118

Game Time Started. Houken is for the big.

Chapter 114

Chapter 115

Chapter 116

Chapter 117

Chapter 118



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50 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 114-118

  1. Thanks for everything guys, you’re awesome!

  2. WinFreeman

    Much appreciated.

  3. LIK

    HAHAHA, chapter 14 last page is absolutely priceless 😀 😀

  4. kizku

    so many chapters. so good

  5. Jonathan

    Just got home YESSSSUUUU

  6. Toriko San

    thank you

  7. Minamino

    Thank you!!!

  8. goldmonkey

    Nice release, but man, these chapters were boring as shit.

  9. Quoi

    Thanks for the chapters

  10. Qate

    Greedy people like me will still want more, but patience is virtue!

  11. Derrr

    Watch… Soon he is gonna get burned out, and release a chapter once a month, and then we’re all gonna go ape shit cause he spoiled us lol.

  12. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapters incredibly interesting and quality was amazing!!!

  13. shingekinoscans

    Thank you!

  14. greeeed


  15. Drahcir4

    Would you kindly continue your awesome work on this series

  16. nerst

    thanks for the chapters
    and one question you will translate this special in the future?

  17. Quadclops

    Thanks for all your translations. I am really enjoying the manga.

  18. Pamp

    Love you guys for taking the time to give us this gold.

  19. Lunas

    Thank you very much, look forward to your work all the time.

  20. Shin

    You guys are awesome… Just let u guys know there thousands of readers that appreciate what u guys are doing. Thanks

  21. z3r0nik

    Thank you!

  22. Remon

    You guys are probably superhuman. Thanks so much for your hard work. 😀

  23. MasterJack

    You guys are gods among men, this manga is the best manga i read since berserk and it was 10years ago.

  24. Selden

    Thank you !

  25. Marraul

    thank you!

  26. Sandc

    Thanks a lot for the releases. Great arc.

    Anyway, anyone think that General Kyou is actually the missing Shiyuu that Kyoukai mentioned before?

  27. Qate

    Will you guys do social kingdom special? Would be interesting.. Some of us participated in drawing it 🙂

  28. PeacefulPerson

    thanks guys. great work.

  29. rem

    thanks for your hard work. I love this manga. Will you release the Kingdom gaiden, the new side story of this manga or leave it to an other scanlation group?

  30. Jonathan

    Were on volume 11 right? how many volumes are there? I’m curious as it has an anime and such but I’m only going to read the manga for now and I’m excited to have new content to read each week.

  31. uchihamonkey

    Pardon me o kingdom bringer, shouldn’t it be 2 June instead of 2 May for 122-126 release?

  32. Zagreus

    You guys are awesome… Thanks for all your hard work.. Please keep releasing Kingdom…

  33. meliodas

    lol well pretty awesome work guys but im wondering how many hours do u spend a week on this? because its pretty awesome the amount of work i see every half week to the full week ^_^

    • Total of 9 to 12 hours work (6-8 chapters) a week divided between the two release days.

      We just started on the 3 chapters due today and should be done in ~7 – 8 hrs since we like to distract ourselves watching dota streams and other noble forms of procrastination.

  34. Qate

    Today is your 100 days anniversary, how do you plan to celebrate it? 😉 (you know what I mean 🙂 )

  35. blade

    thanks for your hard and wonderful work

  36. meliodas

    lol well gratz on the 100 days of exemplary work cant wait till 3 pm

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