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Kingdom Chapters 143-145

Next release is on Monday 1st of July.

Also, going to see if server works properly now under stress…

Chapter 143: MF | DDL

Chapter 144: MF | DDL

Chapter 145: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapters 138-142

Shin no buy back. Kyoukai carry best carry… until oom.

DDL Links will be added the morning after release.

Chapter 138: MF | DDL

Chapter 139: MF | DDL

Chapter 140: MF | DDL

Chapter 141: MF | DDL

Chapter 142: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapter 135-137

Ok, so since all our mediafire links were taken down, we went and spent some money on a file server which some people have already begun spamming i see.

Direct links are available below. Older releases can be accessed from the DDL menu item at the top.

We’ll also be uploading to Mediafire but won’t be maintaining broken links or files that have been taken down on there.

Chapter 135: MF | DDL

Chapter 136: MF | DDL

Chapter 137: MF | DDL

Also, how many of you camp this page pressing f5. Jesus, watching my poor $12 server get DoS’d is both hilarious and sad.

Stuff about the Server

Average Total Speed: 1.2 MB/s
Maximum concurrent downloads: 20
Maximum concurrent downloads per individual: 5
Used as my seedbox. Slow as hell.


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Kingdom Chapters 130-134

More Chinese Special Tactics.

Chapter 130v2: MF, DB

Chapter 131: MF, DB

Chapter 132: MF, DB

Chapter 133: MF, DB

Chapter 134: MF, DB

v2 edit – bunch of major and minor typos.


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Kingdom Chapters 127-129

Back from our break to finish off volume 12. woo.

Fun Kingdom Fact: Lots of soldiers wear unique helmets that look similar to the general they serve under.

Chapter 127

Chapter 128

Chapter 129


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Kingdom Chapters 122-126

Will be taking a week hiatus due to real life commitments. Next chapters will be Thursday June 13 latest.

Also, mediafire’s crapping out so here’s temporary dropbox links.

Chapter 122

Chapter 123

Chapter 124

Chapter 125

Chapter 126


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