Kingdom Chapters 127-129

Back from our break to finish off volume 12. woo.

Fun Kingdom Fact: Lots of soldiers wear unique helmets that look similar to the general they serve under.

Chapter 127

Chapter 128

Chapter 129



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    Wow thank you!! Damn the week felt like a year!!

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    Thanks a lot! I wish for your continued success.

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    only 3 more volumes to finish this one single battle …. ^^

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    I love u guys….. awesomeeeeeeeeee

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  15. taro

    terima kasih dari malaysia… haha

    chapter 130, when?

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  17. Pares

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  18. Alejandro

    thank you very much glad to have you guys back.

  19. LIK

    That was a long week, thx guys, welcome back 😀

  20. Id

    our lord’s arrow… wtf that was awesome! thank you guy(s)!!!!

  21. chrome_fox

    Decided to donate $5 AUD for your dedication to scanlating this awesome manga!

  22. duggeman

    Awsome!!! Thanks a lot!

  23. Lunas

    Hope you enjoyed your break, thanks for the release 🙂

  24. Remon

    Welcome back. Thanks so much for the friggin awesome chapters. Sunday come quickly can’t wait for you. 😀

  25. Howdy! Long time fan, short time follower. I had a question to ask! On your FAQ you mentioned that Shin/Xin/etc and the rest are actual historical figures. Could you happen to direct me to Shin’s wikipedia or information about them?
    I’m having difficulty as I do not know their actual names. The closest I found was El Sei’s first emperor of china page. Thanks for your time and keep up the amazing work!

    • fan

      LI xin is a very minor character in real history..

      basically he’s just mentioned as a young brash general who lost 200,000men.

      Ryofui is lu bu wei
      King sho is zhaoxiang of qin

    • As stated by fan earlier, Shin is based off the Qin general Li Xin, I can’t actually link you to his wikipedia article though because he doesn’t have one, unlike other famous generals he’s actually relatively unknown and there’s not much written of him, especially in english.

  26. Buta chan

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