Kingdom Chapters 130-134

More Chinese Special Tactics.

Chapter 130v2: MF, DB

Chapter 131: MF, DB

Chapter 132: MF, DB

Chapter 133: MF, DB

Chapter 134: MF, DB

v2 edit – bunch of major and minor typos.



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38 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 130-134

  1. LIK

    And here it comes! TY!

  2. WinFreeman

    Merci beaucoup.

  3. Derrr

    You guys pick the worst cliff hangers ever!

  4. Lunas

    THANK YOU for the release. Here’s a smiley 🙂

  5. Francesco

    May thursday come quick !

  6. Ambl3

    my heroes the turnip farmers have returned with glory and riches

  7. Gestao

    Thanks for the extra chapter ^_^

  8. Alejandro

    As always you guys provide thank you

  9. LIK

    Haha, Moubu is cheating. Tou is steadily becoming one of my favorite characters 😀

  10. makfresh22

    Thanks again guys!!!….amazing chapters!!!..can’t wait till you catch up to the anime

  11. PeacefulPerson

    Thanks guys. Awesome work as usual.

  12. another infantry guy

    Thanks a lot guys! Great chapters! 🙂

  13. Toriko San


    Just wandering at the current rate will you guys releases catch up and go ahead of Season 2?

    • Dunno, to answer that you’d have to tell me how fast season 2’s episodes go through the storyline.

      At the moment we go through 2 Volumes every 3 weeks, we’ll probably finish up the first season’s worth of story in another 4 weeks, after that it’s basically going to be a question of how big the gap between us and the anime’s progression is.

      • Toriko San

        I see. Second season has 38 episodes so you might catch up with it as each volume in season one is just over 2 episodes. But it would be near the end of the season. ^_^

  14. Jepthe

    you are awesome!! thanks for the chapters… but the chapter 130v2 is down…

  15. Oribeth

    thx but 3 of the 5 link are dead :/

    • The majority of all chapters uploaded right now are down. Added dropbox links for this updates chapters. Currently looking for permanent wait-free alternatives to mediafire.

  16. riz

    Sending my half weekly love to you both!

  17. Ac :)

    What is your time zone guys? I can’t wait for the release!!! You should put ads, i would make you a profit 😀

  18. bartender

    you guys are awsome ! ^^

  19. riz

    Utc +10? U guys from oz?

  20. LIK

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  21. Just another kingdom reader

    Chapters are secretly being uploaded already here:

    I wonder if it supposed to be possible?

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