Kingdom Chapter 135-137

Ok, so since all our mediafire links were taken down, we went and spent some money on a file server which some people have already begun spamming i see.

Direct links are available below. Older releases can be accessed from the DDL menu item at the top.

We’ll also be uploading to Mediafire but won’t be maintaining broken links or files that have been taken down on there.

Chapter 135: MF | DDL

Chapter 136: MFDDL

Chapter 137: MFDDL

Also, how many of you camp this page pressing f5. Jesus, watching my poor $12 server get DoS’d is both hilarious and sad.

Stuff about the Server

Average Total Speed: 1.2 MB/s
Maximum concurrent downloads: 20
Maximum concurrent downloads per individual: 5
Used as my seedbox. Slow as hell.



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36 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 135-137

  1. Ac :)


  2. Just another kingdom reader

    I have a feeling that the file server is already overloaded, anyways thanks for the new chapters.

    • $12 doesn’t buy you much sadly. Only really meant to handle archiving. Wasn’t expecting 200 downloads in the first 5 minutes or wasn’t thinking… yeah, probably the latter.

  3. thanks

    now it’s time to offensive


  4. Ac :)

    Next time upload in mediafire first! That would decrease the number of people raping the server, probably 😀

  5. jevon

    ok i got it, i stop camping the site message received

  6. James

    Yes I camp this page and press F5 🙂

  7. Qate

    Why no Batoto? 😦

  8. Ac :)

    Can’t wait for Saturday 🙂 Some epic slaughter is going to happen.

  9. Qate

    Isn’t the correct name Li boku instead of Ri boku?

    • Since we’re going with the Japanese pronunciation, it would be Ri Boku, if we were using the Chinese version then it would be Li Mu.

      • Qate

        I am almost sure the anime prounounce it Li not Ri, but I could be mistaken since they are similar.

      • There are no L’s in the Japanese language. The R’s are rolled when pronounced and sound like L’s to some people.

        R’s are also used to pronounce L’s when required in katakana. E.g. Loki -> Roki (ロキ)

  10. az060693

    try droplr and as filehosts

  11. DanielBR

    Thanks for the release!
    Have you tried using google drive together with gdriveurl (for direct links)???

  12. makfresh22

    Thanks guys!!!….Chapters were amazing!!!!!

  13. Pares

    Thanks again for the fastest release ever, just a question why put ddl (mediafire works fine so..) while having server bandwidth problems it looks like a bad idea to me.


    • DDL server is for archival purposes since someone called Shueisha and DMCA likes to take down our chapters on mediafire.

      The server get’s overloaded when more than 50 connections try to download at once. Pretty sure it’s not an issue with bandwidth now, maybe just lack of system resources.

      I could turn it into a XDCC bot on IRC which would solve any problems but which is less convenient.

      On Sunday I’ll probably upload to mediafire or one of the options suggested in the comments above first and onto the server later which should solve all our problems.

  14. a

    Why don’t you keep the DDLs on hold until the next release wave is out? Either that, or just start accepting donations and you’ll have yourself a $100+ server in no time.

  15. PeacefulPerson

    thanks guys. awesome, can’t wait to see shin getting his ass handed to him by that monster.

  16. Regius

    i’ve been trying hard all day to not read the chapters, let them built up a bit but as soon as i saw title of 135 (Withdrawal) i broke lol

    Thanks for working on this awesome series.

  17. fein

    Whao…I can’t even get the DDL link to start downloading after clicking it, totally no respond on my side cos server too busy…? so my only choice is still downloading from MF I guess (now is as fast as I can whenever I saw new updates from Turnip farmers before the MF links gets taken down…)

    Thanks for the new chapters again XD

  18. Lunas

    Thank you for your hard work…..and yes i camp/check every day in hopes of early releases.

  19. Bigbug

    Amazing pace in the manga, and even more amazing is the pace and regularity of the update from you guys

  20. remon

    Thanks. Today’s the day, nfufufu. 😀

  21. Ac :)

    Around 6-7 hours to chapter 😮

  22. James

    Refresh refresh refresh

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