Kingdom Chapters 146-150


Chapter 146: MF | DDL

Chapter 147: MF | DDL

Chapter 148: MF | DDL

Chapter 149: MF | DDL

Chapter 150: MF | DDL



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42 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 146-150

  1. Grateful Read(er)

    boom! Thanks guys

  2. Noil

    Thank you! Once again. Kudos!

  3. fan

    thx love that u follow the schedule

  4. Ac :)

    Best scanlation team 🙂

  5. KirageNation

    Thank yuuuu for the updates . . .all the refresh paid off

  6. Lunas

    LMAO cool pic :), Thanks for your hard work as always. You guys are awesome.

  7. A$AP

    I said it must be cause a nigga got dough
    Extraordinary swag and a mouth full of gold
    Hoes at my shows they be strippin’ off they clothes
    And them college girls write a nigga name on they toes
    Niggas talk shit ’til they get lockjaw
    Chrome to ya dome ’til ya get glockjaw
    Party like a cowboy or a rockstar
    Everybody play the tough guy ’til shit pop off.

    *Ahem* ..

    Thank you very much for the release 😀

  8. abansmith

    thank you guys for the release.

  9. No SPAM Mail

    Thanks guys!

  10. Thank you,
    Its amazing when someone give our needs for free, and WITHOUT any ads.

  11. leokiko

    Thank you so much for these chapters!

  12. LIK

    Thx fellas. Thursday seems somewhat closer now 🙂

  13. Orange

    You guys deserve an applause or h***job.

  14. makfresh22

    Thanks a lot guys!!!!

  15. Trev

    Thanks so much.

    Just a question; so the standard is 3 chapters on Thursdays and 5 on Sunday each week?

  16. _Vtr_Cst_

    Awsome Release rate 😉

  17. Boo

    Impressive work guys =) though I jumped on the wagon late, so I got confused why everyone’s name changed from Chinese to Japanese for a few chapters. Not a big issue (other than looking them up on wiki/google).

  18. Remon

    These Chapters were heart breaking except the last one.Thanks so much bro for your hard work.

  19. LIK

    RAWS!! I want to read dem RAWS! %”&%”/&())!!! 348 is out and last 20 chapters are to die for with last one being pure porn! sigh…. Cant believe 8 per week isnt enough for me, I shudder to think what will happen when turnips catch up and we have 1 weekly release. The horror…

  20. bigdaddy16

    Just saw chapter 348. We might have to skip head cause i almost cum myself cus it was so awesome!

  21. anon

    getting spoiled by the rate the releases are coming out. When everything is caught up it will feel like a snails pace i already dreading it. Awesome work btw

  22. Ac :)

    the day of the refresh button has come 😀

  23. Addicted


  24. riz

    Ready to spam da 13 dorrah serva!

  25. LIK

    The Final Countdown !!

    Rolling every time before release 😀

    • Ac :)

      Yeah 🙂 It’s about the usual time for the release 😮 We’re like addicts that know the dealer has a new stash of stuff and we’re lurking around his home 😀

  26. Buta chan

    Thanks for yet another update! >_<

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