Kingdom Chapters 151-153

Chousou uses Earthquake.

It’s super effective!

Chapter 151: MF | DDL

Chapter 152: MF | DDL

Chapter 153: MF | DDL



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51 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 151-153

  1. asdf


  2. LIK


  3. Lunas

    Batoto hasn’t finished uploading lmao

  4. goldmonkey

    Quality chapters. The strategic parts of this manga are much superior to the action ones. Houken finally adds to the story by being bait, instead of Superhax Soloist.

  5. ara

    great almost catch up to the anime . but the season 2 animation looks good unlike the season 1 i will read the anime and manga lol..

  6. he-man

    You guys are fast!

  7. makfresh22

    Thanks guys chapters were great like always!!!!

  8. james

    you sir, are a god amongst men

  9. RandomFan

    Thanks !

  10. Ac :)

    Masters of cliffhangers, I mean Turnip Farmers 🙂 Thank you for the awsome work 🙂

  11. Rui

    Thank you for this awesome manga. Any idea how far do we have until we get to the most current chap released? (I’m bracing myself till the day we don’t get multiple chapter releases anymore X( ) Thanks again!

  12. Thank you very much 😀
    Aoki is sure something 😀

  13. Rui

    Half a year more of this? Thanks guys for making this happen! : D

  14. LIK

    *woke up*,*saw release update*, *went back to sleep*

  15. Alex

    Now we want at least some sightseeing photos from the trip 😉

  16. Remon

    artigato gojai mas

  17. Hamozus

    Damn 😮 I hope the editor is alright !
    And at least we will get 8 chapters in 48h 🙂

  18. Zoku

    I hope the bus is ok

  19. Jonathan




  20. Toriko San

    I hope he has a full and speedy recovery.

  21. Alex

    Uhhaa, please dont edit on your phone while crossing the streets ^^
    Get well soon, all the best.

  22. Tommy Tai

    Get well soon!
    Thank you for your hard work

  23. LIK

    Ah, so its only black humor with bus thingy? Its also my kind of thing but you never know unless you really know someone -.-. This will probably affect thursday release also? I was thinking of how sweet it would be to have 8 releases on, say, thursday? Might be worth the wait, and you guys would break the record . I might die from overdose tho 😀

  24. Boo

    This isn’t good guys, if the bus gave you this much trouble what happens when you guys inevitably face Gut’s boat after the next 10 volumes?

  25. Boo

    Also, the chart for names says Wang Qi / Ouki is Wang Yi, but google only shows me some chick from Dynasty Warriors, and googling Qin General Wang Yi doesn’t reveal nothing. Who is the guy Ouki was based off of? How can he be apparently so bad ass and still not be known?

  26. Ac :)

    I hope your friend will get better 🙂

  27. Remon

    I hope nothing serious happened. I wish you luck. get well soon. what about the bus??? I hope there isn’t any death…….

  28. Francesco

    “I can’t keep myself from refreshing Turnipfarmers’ site every 5 minutes, is that normal Doctor ?”

  29. sup

    Just release all the chapters on thursday :>

  30. Qate

    You should try 1 volume a week, would anyone beat that!?
    (Your record of 1.1 ch a day is beaten by some group, who consistenly released at least once per day for two years straight!)

    • Qate

      Btw, if it were to us to decide we would want 1 volume per day (and that wouldn’t be enough :)) so don’t take my comment in a wrong way

    • I like to think that we get a handicap since many of those groups tend to have a large number of different teams working on each different project :P.

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