Kingdom Chapters 154-158

Delays for everyone!

Thursday’s release will be as normal, the release following that will be on either Saturday or Monday.

Chapter 154: MF | DDL

Chapter 155: MF | DDL

Chapter 156: MF | DDL

Chapter 157: MF | DDL

Chapter 158: MF | DDL



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23 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 154-158

  1. laclongquan

    Bravo! good job, old chap. Right when we are expecting something to slake the thirst, too~

  2. James

    wooott!!! thx!!!

  3. Grateful Read

    Hear hear! Hope the bus is feeling better!

  4. Jonathan


  5. Toriko&Kingdom Fan

    Sank you wery much ^^

  6. cholo

    love this, thank you guys

  7. riz

    I feel the love!!!! Kokokoko

  8. Gratefull

    Thanks for the release. Hope nothing serious happened

  9. No SPAM Mail

    As Bi Hei says “Hell Yeah!!”. Thanks guys!!

  10. Ac :)

    Thank you 🙂 that’s some nice chapters 🙂 I’m looking forward to the next batch as more stuff should be revieled 🙂

  11. asdf

    Arr, next Saturday pretty please? xD
    Why could it be on either Monday or Saturday anyway? 😮

  12. Lunas

    Thanks for the release, Ouki Is such a badass.

  13. Orange

    More Kingdom? Ouki dokie!

  14. Remon

    Thanks a lot for the chapters. Even after the accident your schedule hasn’t changed huh…. you guys are really something. Thanks so much again for your hard works.

  15. makfresh22

    Thanks again for the chapters 🙂

  16. Derrr

    I’m probably gonna cry at in next 14 chapters…

  17. 5 Chaps yayyyyy, thankssss…
    BTW is the Editor allright ?
    Not hear any info of him/her…

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