Kingdom Chapters 159-161

Early release for once!

Chapter 159: MF | DDL

Chapter 160: MF | DDL

Chapter 161: MF | DDL



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36 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 159-161

  1. KirageNation

    wow its early this week .. . thank you

  2. laclongquan

    Damn, you are quick! :cheerio:

  3. luauga

    give me more

  4. Deadlyclaw

    😀 thx guys you are the best

  5. goldmonkey

    What was the name of that little guy again? Shen? Chin? Well, whatever, as long as we have Ouki!

  6. Boo

    Turnip Farmers, I dub thee, the new HMK, Invincible under Scanlations!

  7. fourthbee

    the cliffhanger again !!!!

    thanks for the awesome work as usual guys ! 😀

  8. Nukemeh

    You guys are madman. Keep up the insanely good work 😀

  9. No SPAM Mail

    Domo, Danke, Gracias, Thanks!! 😀

  10. Orange

    I wonder if Angelina Jolie is Ouki’s descendant.

  11. Francesco

    After theses chapters, i’m sure of it, you guys are total sadists !! Dat Cliffhanger !
    But we love you still >.>

    • asdf

      Funny thing is, they didn’t even do it on purpose. LOL

      Hats off to the masterful mangaka who could make most of the chapters’ ending to be a cliffhanger.

  12. Id

    Dunno what time it is at your place, but for me it’s perfectly fine at 5pm, directly after work 😉 Thanks for the nice read, as always, you’re great :-*

  13. Toriko&Kingdom Fan

    Thanks 🙂

  14. burken

    Sup! havent posted before but HUGE Thanks, you guys seriously rock and the release pace is amazing! Again thanks for the work!

  15. Lunas

    Thank you very much

  16. RandomFan

    this manga is soo good ffs

  17. LIK

    Thx guys. Wow, i think thats the most epic dodge ever. Ouki!

  18. Ac :)

    I hope chapters come soon 😮 Cause this thing is AMAZING!!! Thank your for your hard work 🙂

  19. cholo

    love you guys, thanks for this

  20. Zworden

    thanks for the ouki lips….

  21. Heilstrom

    finally got to see ouki’s power, nfufufufu. love you guys, thanks for your hard work.

  22. SAM

    Thank you so much! This manga is so so good, i can’t wait for the next chapter to release. You guys are Awesome Turnip Farmers, very fast and high quality too! 😀

  23. What are you, guys?! A Bushin?! So quick!!
    Thank you very much 😀

  24. Aleks

    Hi guys
    just to say a big thx for turnip farmers for their scans of kingdom
    u rock

  25. makfresh22

    Thanks again for the chapters……were amazing like always!!!

  26. bigdaddy

    Did anyone notice that ch.350 got update early, will there be another chapter this week

  27. James

    nfufufufu its today!!

  28. LIK

    Cant wait 😛

  29. Sandc

    Keep refreshing…

  30. LIK

    Sry for being a noob, buuuut, what is QC? ( quick check or smthing?) Curious 😛

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