Kingdom Chapters 162-166

Going off for a week for PAX Australia / riding trams.

Will be back on Thursday 25 July latest.

Chapter 162: MF | DDL

Chapter 163v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 164: MF | DDL

Chapter 165: MF | DDL

Chapter 166: MF | DDL



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41 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 162-166

  1. Tita

    It was written earlier that there will be a realease on wensday.what about it?

  2. Thanks, safe riding 🙂

  3. Lunas

    Thanks for the release and have fun 🙂

  4. Francesco

    Once again, thank you guys !
    Have fun 😉

  5. cholo

    thank you guys,

  6. asdf

    That was a very mean cliffhanger! I know you guys didn’t do it on purpose but still… ARGHHH

  7. Boo

    Best part was the bonus content! XD

  8. Bronke

    I know you said that the anime was bad, but every time I read a chapter I want to know more, so I thought in watch the anime since there is a 2nd season and should have more info. What I want to know if worth watches the anime or not

    • I believe we’ve almost caught up to the end of season 1 of the anime. We haven’t watched any of the second season so we can’t really comment on it.

  9. RandomFan

    wow ouki is an amazing character kudos to the mangaka

    thanks for the release

  10. Alex

    Thanks and have fun on your trip 🙂

  11. Toriko&Kingdom Fan

    Thanks for the scan and enjoy your trip.

    Two errors spotted.

    ch163 p016
    >>so long as are by her side
    >>so long as you are by her side

    ch164 p037
    >>it really has been a long time since, Kyou.
    >>it really has been a long time, Kyou.

    Second line is the correction ^_^

    • We don’t really bother to release v2’s unless we make a major error (wrong names, translation or multiple errors per chapter). If we did, there’d probably be a v2 every ~3 chapters.

      That said, I’ve fixed c163.

  12. leokiko

    Thx for the chapters as always. Are you guys going to keep updating the clean raws on the ftp server? It’s really helping me out a lot (and I’m properly crediting you; portuguese scan here).

  13. makfresh22

    Thanks again guys!!!…and have a great trip!!!!

  14. Aleks

    well as always a clean et fast work, and as always thx dudes
    dont forget to get some fresh air, the sun is back (at least in paris where I live haha) !!!

  15. fein

    Thanks for the release once again and hope you guys have fun on the trip and also take care and BE careful~ ^^

    PS: the cliffhanger…really need to get used to it soon, hahaha~

  16. Heilstrom

    thanks a lot guys. Have a safe journey and return well. By the way what do you mean by PAX?????

  17. Heilstrom

    and why the next release is 170-172?? what about 167-169???

  18. Orange

    Don’t forget your toothbrush and deodorant! Say NO to con funk.

  19. arzach

    been awhile since i last commented here, just wanted to say thanks

    ….all of you fellow silent lurkers should speak up too sometimes, i know there are many of you lol

  20. kingdomfan

    Have fun! ^.^

  21. Boo

    Look at Batoto! The moment a break starts, people go wall of texting because they have time to actually type big paragraphs instead of reading another three chapters.

    Wish they would put spoiler tags, but oh well! =D goes to show how much people enjoy this series and your work guys!

  22. Ac :)

    the waiting us unbearable ;(

  23. LIK

    Somewhat lousy sunday 😛

  24. Bigbug

    2 more days! Hang on! Stay in the formation! Chaaaaarge! (It’s making me insane)

  25. Bigbug

    Ever wonder how the Qin and the other states could field such a huge army (500,000 men pitched again each other). The era was called the Warring States period around 500-200 BC. It turns out that the conscription rate in some of the state is as high as 10-30% of the populace. Therefore high casualty in the war often meant disaster for the economy. As there would be less farmers. Can’t help but to feel awed at those ancient Chinese.

  26. Heilstrom

    one more day to go…..

  27. Argh

    Argh… just waiting is hard… well at least we all know its worth it .. the waiting that is …. Argh…

  28. falconbane

    Withdrawal symptoms are appearing everywhere! We need a new injection stats! But damn, we’ve been spoiled so hard :v

  29. arzach

    hmm ive been having a pretty good week in toronto but still find myself having a severe case of withdrawal symptoms waiting for this thing to update….dont think it will go anywhere soon as tomorrow’s release is only 3 chapters o well

  30. Jonathan


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