Kingdom Chapters 167-169

and back from trip.

Chapter 167: MF | DDL

Chapter 168: MF | DDL

Chapter 169: MF | DDL



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24 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 167-169

  1. nagatos

    thxxx a lot…
    i need this..

    don’t remember how many time i refresh this web.. LOL

  2. riz

    Welcome back!! Hope that was good

  3. LIK

    Thx a lot Turnips. We missed you 🙂

  4. asdf

    Most &*@!$#^#&(*$^#@(*$@ cliffhanger ever. D:

  5. Orange

    This series is gonna give me a f**king heart attack!

  6. Minamino

    Oh yeah!!!
    Thank you!

  7. Wk

    Thank you for your hard work! It’s marvelous.

  8. Anjou

    Thanks!!! Hope PAX was amazing!

  9. kingdomfan

    O my gosh, that was the king of cliffhangers!!! I can’t wait till sunday!! And welcome back, did you have a good trip? Thanks for all the hard work, as always! ^.^

  10. Bulzur

    Welcome back, and thank you for this long-awaited chapters.

  11. Ac :)

    I’m not really that happy if the things are going this way 😦 Thanks for the chapter. Hope the PAX was fun 🙂

  12. Lunas

    YEAY!!!!!!! THANK YOU 🙂

  13. Bigbug

    Thanx a lot guys, you are the best

  14. shoryuken


  15. RandomFan

    ouki being badass till the end

  16. Feanor003

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  17. goldmonkey

    I bet Houken will file a formal complaint about the way they interfered. And I bet the infantry’ll get to walk, too, in order to spread the news. Seems you just can’t escape the power of marketing.

  18. Remon

    welcome back and thanks so much for the chapters. I am giving a new name for this manga. “Cliffhanger”, I think it’s a worthy subtitle for this manga. what do you think guys????

  19. cholo

    thank you release guys,

  20. makfresh22

    Welcome back guys!!!!…hope u had a great trip?…..and chapters were amazing :D…thanks

  21. asdf

    Oh, I just noticed. “Only” 4 chapters this Sunday? 😮

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