Kingdom Chapters 170-173

Only four chapters this release.

Chapter 170: MF | DDL

Chapter 171: MF | DDL

Chapter 172: MF | DDL

Chapter 173: MF | DDL



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35 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 170-173

  1. krish19oo

    Thank you very much for the release

  2. Aleks

    as always thx dudes
    hope u enjoyed the PAX and will get in a frenzy to keep up the releases :p

  3. kizku

    thanks for bringing these epic chapters to us!

  4. Pares

    Thanks you very much that was some cliffhanger last day ;), thanks for this huge work thats lets us enjoy this manhwa

  5. Atileusz

    I love ya man.

  6. laclongquan

    I’ve been waiting for these all day. Thanks for the works.

  7. Noil

    Thanks, it just made my day..

  8. Bigbug

    Maaaaan, this zhao war arc is epic! Ouki is kickass! Thanx for the update! You guys are the best

  9. fan

    can anyone tell me approximately how long will it need for manga translation to be catch up to anime ?

  10. Kaleam

    the tears flowing from my eyes as again i witness the awesome scene the author wrote.

  11. BoomBoy

    sincerely, thanks you for scanlating this. up until recently i have never even heard of kingdom and now its my favorite manga!

  12. Ac :)

    well, now i just have to wait for a genre-change to be a zombie one :/

  13. arzach

    damn. damn. damn.

  14. Boo

    ONLY four chapters. Yep. ONLY. =P

    Amazing end.

  15. Max

    Thanks alot!! Love you guys, keep up the awesome work

  16. Orange

    What a fantastic arc! It’s gonna be a tough act to follow. Some reason I keep thinking how awesome Ouki would look on a motorcycle.

    Thanks guys!

  17. Lunas

    …..FINALLY no unbearable cliffhanger. A first time for everything. Thank you for you hard work.

  18. hibyeman

    Thanks for the great chapters as always guys! you are the best! if i may ask how many chapters is this manga in total currently? (aka how many are needed to be translated?) again thanks for the chapters!

  19. MasterJack

    “Only 4 chapters”, I am sure it was because you couldnt stop crying. 😦

    Thx again for the greatest manhwa ever

  20. zipitfast


  21. leokiko

    Only 4…lol.

    Thanks as always. But damn, these chapters were hard to read ;/

  22. Remon

    1 missing huh, who cares there are still 4. thanks a lot for the chapters. It seems this ark has been finished. Looking forward to the next ark.

  23. jetchan

    Thank you for 4 new chapters!

  24. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapters!!!! and for all your hard work like always!!!! :D…..and always love the extra bonus pages, they’re always super hilarious!!!!

  25. JV

    Really appreciate you guys taking out time in your lives to translate this wonderful manga! Thank you so much!

  26. Bisshop

    Thank you thank you
    Why this Manga was not scanslated before I dont know.
    Keep up the great work.

  27. Jack

    Thank you for translating this wonderful manga.Although my wish to see the f$$king hermit(Houken,who else?) died is not granted(yet).

    Nice ark though…..

  28. Maaza

    Thank you very much!

  29. LIK

    A question, do you guys plan to always release from now on 4-4 chapters instead of 3-5? Just curious :P.

    • Nope, still 3-5 if possible, We only released 4 on Sunday to finish off volume 16 and because I didn’t have access to my normal PC at home.

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