Kingdom Chapters 174-176

Back to scanlating Kingdom solo.

We plan on keeping to our normal schedule / 8 chapters a week anyway.

We’re recruiting people to clean speech bubbles so we can do that. (8 chapters takes roughly 2 hrs)

To be recruited you will need:

  • A brain.
  • Photoshop (now free).
  • Hands are preferable but not necessary.

Send us an email at or pm our batoto account if you’d like to help out.

Thanks to all the people who offered to help out, A lot more than we expected so soon.

Chapter 174: MF | DDL

Chapter 175: MF | DDL

Chapter 176: MF | DDL

Also here’s a v2 of c168 (forgot what we fixed though…)

Chapter 168v2: MF | DDL



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23 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 174-176

  1. asdf

    finished shower. refreshed. ???. kingdom! FTW

  2. fein

    Huh? back to scanlating kingdom in “solo”?
    does that mean not working with Vendetta Scans from now onwards and just back to how you started?

    anyway as usual, thanks for the new releases!
    (but wonder what you fixed for chapter 168v2 LOL, I might need to go and “Recheck” both v1 and v2 in the end to see what’s the difference~ XP)

    • Think it was something like we typed zhao as zhou. Not 100% sure though.

      • fein

        I’ve finish checking both v1 and v2 of chapter 168 and yes the only thing you’re change is page 109, zhao in v1 but zhou in v2! 😀
        the rest is still the same.
        hmmm…I didn’t even notice any problem when reading through cos is still flows smoothly LOL

  3. laclongquan

    Ohoohohooooo~ Thanks, guys.

  4. hibyeman

    thanks for the chapters! i want to say that ill do the cleaning, but i dont want to have to see the chapters ahead of time ;_;, but if you dont have anyone else doing it i will gladly take that role in order to keep em coming. although u might have to tell me exactly what i need to do.

  5. Bigbug

    Wooooh full of awesome intro to the next arc. Tx guys

  6. Lunas

    Thanks for the release. As for cleaning, I’m of the same opinion as hibyeman. I can do the cleaning easily, I would just like to not spoil the read for myself while cleaning. If you ever need a cleaner I’d be happy to help you guys out. p.s. I think brain hasn’t been removed, photoshop…use it more than Internets, hands???…..NOOOOOOOO……joking they still attached to my body.

  7. shoryuken

    SPOILER ALERT – In the next arc, Ouki’s re-animated lips join the Hi Shin unit as a talking shield and a tent flap. Hilarity ensues! Nfufufu..

  8. Boo

    Why did Vendetta Scans pull out? =(

    • nufufu

      big publishing company(presumbably kingdoms publisher) threaten to fine them or drop it, looks like turnips gonna go on, yay!!!

      • fein

        Abit surprise Vendetta just listen and give up so easily while the 1st time they pick it up saying “Hey, it’s Kingdom!!” LOL, when the time you choose to pick it up, you never expected that these problem will happen? LOL x2

        anyway just wondering, will Turnip Farmers be alright to continue on?

      • Boo

        =/ they should just secretly do it to spite them. There’s no way any paid translation will be as good as Turnips and Vendetta. Just look at Shonen Jump Alpha, their One Piece translation doesn’t even match up to Mangarule. Skimping out on the most successful manga in history means there is no hope for others.

      • Boo

        Glad people who have brains (a rare commodity! D= I want!) pitched in though! Great fan base =)

  9. evaric

    Watching for your releases is one of the highlights of my week, keep up the great work!

  10. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapters, they were awesome!!!…..and you guys are way too amazing!!!, 8 chapters a week with just two guys!!!, really appreciate the effort you guys are putting in 😀

  11. Orange

    If only Ouki died in the Walking Dead universe. He’d moan “nfufufufu” after eating Carol.

  12. jetchan

    Thanks for the additional releases this week! great surprise!

  13. LIK

    Thx guys, eagerly waiting for SunnyDay

  14. Heilstrom

    thanks a lot for the chapter bro. If you need a helping hand feel free to ask.:D

  15. LIK

    Hows it going guys? I know you guys are diligent, but how about some ETA just for the heck of it, I never had talent in waiting :P.

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