Kingdom Chapters 177-181

Soooo turns out Oshit went loopy in the head and left out the title page for c177, and I can’t get it off him since he’s gone to sleep already.

I guess this is what happens when your editor tries to win a headbutting contest against a bus.

Rather then delaying the release by a day just for one missing page, I’m sure you’d all prefer to read the (slightly gimped) release now and download the v2 for c177 tomorrow.

Added title page to chapter 177.

Also, Thanks to everyone who offered to help out with cleaning and welcome Acayla and Firstblood116 to our outfit.

Chapter 177v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 178: MF | DDL

Chapter 179: MF | DDL

Chapter 180: MF | DDL

Chapter 181: MF | DDL



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30 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 177-181

  1. Koljan

    Thanks for your work! You’re the best! =)

  2. LIK

    WeeeeHHEEEE. Thx alot fellas.

  3. Barcode

    I LOVE YOU! I would headbutt a bullet train for ya

  4. Noil

    “Rather then delaying the release by a day just for one missing page, I’m sure you’d all prefer to read the (slightly gimped) release now and download the v2 for c177 tomorrow.” Who are we to complain? Hands down to turnipfarmers, thank you for the release.

  5. laclongquan

    Fuck yeah~

  6. Lunas

    What do you mean tries to win ??? I heard the bus is in a much worse shape.

  7. Firstblood116

    Looking over the cleans i sent him just now I realise that i didnt send the title page, as it didnt have anything to be cleaned on it, but that probably messed him up

    • Lunas

      Welcome :), thanks for helping make the current release possible. By the way I heard you joined a group that has bus problems…..might wanna invest in a golf club or something…for protection that is.

  8. Yayyy another chaps !!!
    Just curious, why dont put google ads here and there ?
    Thank you…

    • doesnt allow it and I can’t be bothered migrating to the server. Would also probably have to pay more per month to get a better one anyway so the ads would have to pay for that too.

      Also, I hate ads.

      • I see…
        Hmmm, I mean not a pop up ads. Blogspot can use it and its free. But then again, less ads = less load time. Waiting for your next work…
        Care to scans Ruler Of The Land ?
        I have up to v58 from Indonesia, and I AM Indonesian so I can translate it to english…


    guys we need something before thursdafgsdaWAATHGKASDKLÑAHKLS MOAR KINGDOM MOARGFSASG

  10. Aleks

    Well ouki would have won against the bus though…
    as always thx, better making a v2 than making us leecher angishly wait
    can’t wait for next

  11. Orange

    Moubu=King of Crunk

  12. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapters guys!!!! they were amazing…..and also to those who volunteered, thanks for volunteering, I really appreciate it and I’m sure thousands of people who read kingdom do to 😀 ……..*ps we’ve pretty much caught up to the anime already to those who’ve been asking how far we are into it 😀

  13. hi5oka

    great scan,the only thing that makes me sad is this release actually slower than the anime

  14. cholo

    you guys are awesome!

  15. jetchan

    Thanks for more Kingdom this week!

  16. Jeff

    Thank you so much! Keep up the fantastic work!

  17. Boo

    It’s almost time for another 5 chapters, oh god the suspense!

  18. Boo

    One thing I do wanna ask though, is if the colors for the armors were actually that flashy back then, It’s even gaudy looking compared to the colored outfits of warriors from Ravages of Time which is set into 3 Kingdoms.

    At least from my experience watching all those TVB wuxia dramas, I’ve never seen an outfit that uses blue like that (let alone that shade of blue on armor). At most I’d see one like Moubu’s which is all gold, but even that is kinda rare and usually for royalty.

    Is it just the series being shonen?

  19. laclongquan

    I dont think so. Die is really hard to do with ancient tech, especially BC era. several movies utilized the era with correct costumes show brown, white mostly. Even black cloth is very hard, as I know one technique to die black using plants and non-modern stuffs, and it’s a real pain to do so.

    Chalk it to artistic licence and leave it at that.

    • Boo

      Haha fair enough, I was just really confused cause it was the first time I’ve ever seen such a color design.Doesn’t matter to me, it’s all black and white 90% of the time anyways!

  20. laclongquan

    Brown is easy. Using correct type of mood and you can die white cloth in brown.

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