Kingdom Chapters 182-184

2 hrs late – Gongitraped decided to play dota 2 instead of translating.

fun fact: Using DL accelerators on the server will probably lock you into only downloading one file at a time at a slower speed than downloading normally.

Chapter 182: MF | DDL

Chapter 183: MF | DDL

Chapter 184v2: MF | DDL

v2 edit: corrected denyuu -> ryuusen on page 209.


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26 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 182-184

  1. asdf

    lol, refreshed and kingdom again. What luck I have.

    • asdf

      Just a friendly reminder to upload at batoto before another round of DOTA 2. Thank you!

      • Metal Gear Shin

        You should really appreciate how much they’ve done instead of blasting them for playing a round of Dota2. Like for real? I don’t see you doing what they’re doing.

  2. Thank you so much! ❤

  3. kkkkkkkkkk

    Thank you

    I know this question is a little early as it will still take a few months to catch up to the current raws but:

    When you have caught up, will you scanlate the weekly magazine chapters? And if so will you rescanlate the tankobon version as it’s better quality?

    • Pretty sure there’s gonna be a riot if we don’t do the weekly magazine scans.

      No idea about the 2nd one though.

      • Firstblood116

        I would literally cry if we caught up and then stopped for months waiting for the chapters. Its really good, as soon as we catch up I’m gonna reread it all in like 2 or 3 days time.

  4. Jon

    The International 3 matches start in 20mins!

  5. shoryuken

    Gong. It raped!

  6. Boo

    You guys mixed up the omake part. It’s Ryuusen, not Denyuu who slaughtered Ryuuyuu. Denyuu already matched up against Suugen.

    Great chapters! =D

  7. Lunas

    Thank you for the release……I don’t get whats the rave about dota 2…tried it and it got boring fairly quick. Pretty sure i played enough lol and original dota to be able to say there is nothing innovative at all about it.

  8. Orange

    Bros before harems.

  9. Kalcia

    Thanks a lot for the release!
    The scans have just about caught up to the anime, so I’m eager for next few chapters

  10. makfresh22

    Ryuuyuu~sama freaking epic!!!!….lol….Chapters were awesome as always!! thanks 😀

  11. James

    Am I seeing things or were the dots in the background bigger for these chapters? I really don’t want to complain about these great quality releases, and I think it’s just a different cleaning technique, but it was kind of distracting.

  12. LIK

    Lets make Dota 2 inhouse? :D, kingdom fans only 😛

  13. laclongquan

    Eagerly waiting for the Sunday release~

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