Kingdom Chapters 193-195

Easiest redraws of my life.

Chapters 193: MF | DDL

Chapters 194: MF | DDL

Chapters 195: MF | DDL



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36 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 193-195

  1. ShiShie

    Yippie Ki Aye, thanks!! F5 was raped until this page showed up haha

  2. Spamming F5

    Thank you very much.

  3. fan

    i enjoyed that thx 😀

  4. Qwerty

    LEGGOO kingudamu~

  5. Lunas

    Thank you kind sir’s 🙂

  6. Boo

    Chapter 193 page 5 needs a slight correction: “as a way justify” should be changed to “as a way to justify”.

    Great work guys! =) we all missed you!

  7. laclongquan


  8. Francesco

    Thanks again guys !! Sunday seems so far >.<

  9. Thank you. I agree. Sunday seems so distant

  10. Phuoc

    thanks! sunday is so far away…..

  11. vwin

    to the awesome group that doing us a great service for bringing this series to English

    I’m forever grateful, love you guys and please keep up with the good work!

  12. Firstblood116

    Worth the wait.

  13. zrex

    thx a lot guys , keep up the good work , love ya all

  14. mak

    this kingdom manga is sooo good that i am addicted to it.
    if you need cleaners i would love to help.

  15. Evoluido

    I want to see the fight form shin and Rin Ko!! will be great

  16. giudz

    i love you so much 🙂 sunday wil be a great sunday :O

  17. Bisshop

    Thank you so much. I needed my fix badly.
    Was already showing signs of withdrawal.

  18. bigdaddy

    R the raws on break again this week?

  19. ShoRyuKen

    Shout out to Zhuge Liang Kong Ming! (c194, p6)

  20. Domako

    Thanks guys!!!!

  21. cuzon

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  22. BSum

    Awesome work guys =)!

  23. Heilstrom

    that was brilliant. Looking forward to the next chapters. I wish that there will be an awesome battle in the next chapters.

  24. Bigbug

    Amazing guys thank u very much

  25. shindo

    thanks u r the best :)))

  26. makfresh22

    Thanks again guys!!!….chapters were amazing like always!!! 😀

  27. LIK


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