Kingdom Chapters 196-200

The 200th chapter of Kingdom!

Although, seeing as we didn’t start from the first chapter we’ve technically only scanlated 183 chapters in 188 days.

Still, I feel like celebrating a bit!

For those that’re interested, we’ve still got another ~150+ chapters to go and about that many days, i.e. end of January 2014.

Also, I’d like to use this space for once to just thank all of you who have commented on this site or thanked us on Batoto and so on. Keep it coming, I need something to read while I redraw shin’s hair. Thanks to all the people that have donated too; We now have all the digital raws up to volume 30 (although I still have yet to get off my arse and rip them).

Now back to grinding FFXIV.

Chapter 196: MF | DDL

Chapter 197: MF | DDL

Chapter 198: MF | DDL

Chapter 199: MF | DDL

Chapter 200: MF | DDL


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100 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 196-200

  1. Id

    Thanks for the release, would play ffxiv, too, if it weren’t for 1017^^

  2. Boo

    D: this is the first time I’ve seen the older comments button.

  3. RandomFan

    thanks for the work fellas

  4. Fangorn

    Thanks, great work guys !

  5. Boy Asa

    Appreciate your fast and mass release 🙂 If I am not that busy anymore, I would love to apply as a cleaner.

  6. bigdaddy


  7. geroprog

    Thank you! 🙂

  8. vwin

    Thanks for all the good work, great scanlation with awesome quality

    with love ❤

  9. Lyst

    Thanks guys, I would never have discover that awesome manga without you.

  10. Boo


  11. Darius

    GREAT WORK! Keep it up!! One of the best manga I have seen too ^o^. Thanks for your hard work guys, greatly appreciated.

  12. bartender

    thank you for the hard work ! cant wait for more 😀

  13. laclongquan

    F5 spam attack starts!

  14. lik

    Where is itttt??? My precioussssssss -release-

  15. James

    refresh refresh refresh refresh

  16. Zrex


    But take your time guys you rock .

  17. cmon guys, we waiting new release

  18. Nukemeh

    Well fuck yes 80+ comments! You’re by far the most professional/fast/awzsome trad team as of late working on -hands down- the best manga project of the last decade; you deserve so much more recognition!
    I’ll try and donate whatever I can; seriously every release just makes my day 😀

    • Boo

      Professional scanlators in the current manga industry for the English language is way behind fan scanlators, Please do not compare the mighty Turnip Farmers to guys like Stephen who scanlate OP for Viz. It’s like comparing a Great General of the Heavens to a conscripted foot soldier.

  19. Mo Re

    Congrats 🙂

  20. LIK

    Cmon guys, lets spam some more and rack up 100comments xD

  21. Orange

    Awesome chapters as always. Thanks for your hard work! Have a cookie!

  22. Hoon

    You guys are fucking amazing.

  23. bainura

    thanks guys you are really amazing

  24. Ricoman

    Just posting so it can hit 100…thank you!

  25. Nukemeh

    I’ll leave the honors of having the first 100th comment on a TF post evar to the next person! You’re welcome random citizen!

  26. LIK

    Thank you, Dear Sir!

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