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Kingdom Chapters 177-181

Soooo turns out Oshit went loopy in the head and left out the title page for c177, and I can’t get it off him since he’s gone to sleep already.

I guess this is what happens when your editor tries to win a headbutting contest against a bus.

Rather then delaying the release by a day just for one missing page, I’m sure you’d all prefer to read the (slightly gimped) release now and download the v2 for c177 tomorrow.

Added title page to chapter 177.

Also, Thanks to everyone who offered to help out with cleaning and welcome Acayla and Firstblood116 to our outfit.

Chapter 177v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 178: MF | DDL

Chapter 179: MF | DDL

Chapter 180: MF | DDL

Chapter 181: MF | DDL



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Kingdom Chapters 174-176

Back to scanlating Kingdom solo.

We plan on keeping to our normal schedule / 8 chapters a week anyway.

We’re recruiting people to clean speech bubbles so we can do that. (8 chapters takes roughly 2 hrs)

To be recruited you will need:

  • A brain.
  • Photoshop (now free).
  • Hands are preferable but not necessary.

Send us an email at or pm our batoto account if you’d like to help out.

Thanks to all the people who offered to help out, A lot more than we expected so soon.

Chapter 174: MF | DDL

Chapter 175: MF | DDL

Chapter 176: MF | DDL

Also here’s a v2 of c168 (forgot what we fixed though…)

Chapter 168v2: MF | DDL


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