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Kingdom Chapters 228-231

No cliffhanger for once?… Think we’re losing our touch.

Chapter 228: MF | DDL

Chapter 229: MF | DDL

Chapter 230: MF | DDL

Chapter 231: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapters 225-227

Back to regular Kingdom programming hopefully.

Fun Fact: Eibi’s shirt has shrimp on it.

Chapter 225: MF | DDL

Chapter 226: MF | DDL

Chapter 227: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapters 222-224

Oh god that F5, anyway, sorry for only 2 chapters today guys,  we’ve been rather busy with real life obligations recently, which is why we haven’t managed to get quite as many chapters done as before.

We’ll try to get the 3rd chapter out tomorrow though, but I’m afraid that short of a miracle happening and things getting cancelled this week, we most likely will not have the time to release anything this Sunday.

But first, two chapters so you stop abusing that poor F5 key.

Chapter 222: MF | DDL

Chapter 223: MF | DDL

Added Chapter 224.

Chapter 224: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapters 218-221

To some worried fans of Kingdom,

No we aren’t going to keep releasing fewer and fewer chapters every week.

How our releases basically work is we work ~4 hrs on Thursday and ~6 on Sunday (sum total of our free time) and whatever gets done in that time is what you get for the week.

Typically this is enough to get 8 chapters done but since Vendetta pulled out we’ve taken on an additional 2 hrs workload which we’ve tried to offset by hiring our awesome cleaners.

Either way, Hopefully we can get back on track in the next few releases… (although these huge afterwords aren’t helping on that count)

In other news, the last chapter title “Shin, In One Breath” may have caused some misunderstandings but the one breath does not allude to kyoukai’s breathing technique.

Chapter 218: MF | DDL

Chapter 219: MF | DDL

Chapter 220: MF | DDL

Chapter 221: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapters 215-217

Another volume down!

Thank god for server maintenance periods or we’d never get anything done.

Chapter 215: MF | DDL

Chapter 216: MF | DDL

Chapter 217: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapters 212-214

Only 3 chapters today 😦

Wish I could say we’re doing 2 more tomorrow but not sure I’ll have time.

Anyway, enjoy your cliffhanger!

Chapter 212: MF | DDL

Chapter 213v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 214: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapters 207-211 v2’s

So i found a torrent of all our files on bakabt (

Feels strange, never thought I’d ever see someone collate and torrent something I’d worked on. Guess I’ll put the server onto seeding it.

Anyway, releasing on time for once!

Edit: We mistranslated Genpou as Genbou. Here’s a v2 of all 5 recent chapters in volume 20.

Chapter 207v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 208v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 209v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 210v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 211v2: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapters 207-208

FFXIV login boss too hard…

In other news, I’ll be taking down donations at the end of the month since we’ve received far more than we need to finish scanlating Kingdom. Also, 90 comments in 24 hrs is seriously crazy o.o.

Chapter 207: MF | DDL

Chapter 208: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapters 204-206

Ancient Chinese Tactic – Bum Rush. Seems legit.

Sorry about the delay all you f5-ers and for anyone that didn’t see the comment, The other 2 chapters will come tomorrow in ~24 hrs time.

Also, triple digit comments, cheers everyone!

Chapter 204: MF | DDL

Chapter 205: MF | DDL

Chapter 206: MF | DDL


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