Kingdom Chapters 204-206

Ancient Chinese Tactic – Bum Rush. Seems legit.

Sorry about the delay all you f5-ers and for anyone that didn’t see the comment, The other 2 chapters will come tomorrow in ~24 hrs time.

Also, triple digit comments, cheers everyone!

Chapter 204: MF | DDL

Chapter 205: MF | DDL

Chapter 206: MF | DDL



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94 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 204-206

  1. nilvithy

    After a hard day’s work i get to read Kingdom, Also more Kingdom makes it better can’t wait.

  2. cholo

    love you guys, thanks for this

  3. Det. Tago

    Wow 8D Over sixty comments within a day. And thanks very much farmers.
    Can’t wait to see Sir Yasuhisa’s reaction from us.

  4. Savohkai

    Thanks for your hardwork on releasing Kingdom~

    Currently my flavorite manga.

  5. laclongquan

    Gah, 5 hours more~

  6. krick

    ufff, long wait
    thanks for yesterday dosis.

    Hope to read next 20 chapters. couldn’t resist and saw raws 😦

  7. Minamino

    Thank you!!!

  8. DAFUK


  9. Heilstrom

    Whoaaaaa. Incredibly awesome. Thanks guys, looking forward to the next 2 chapters. Hopefully Shin would be able to take down at least a thousand men commander in the next 2 chapters 😀

  10. eki'

    Let’s play a game !
    Just kiffind but during the wait, In wich country (and/or state)are you waiting the news chapter ?
    France !

  11. Red Haired Shanks

    We are calling them net cafe over here. Greece!

  12. Red Haired Shanks

    Check out the manhua The Ravages of Time.
    It’s a lot more difficult to read, but the characters and the battles are on a whole different level of epicness and also the warfare and strategism are also very complicated! KIngdom is more fun though, thanks to its simplicity.

  13. vwin

    I’m spoiled by the scanlation quality of kingdom, I find the quality of The Ravages of Time is really bad and it turned me off.

  14. Seba133

    Thanks guys, looking forward to the next chapter.

  15. Red Haired Shanks

    Yeah, the quality of the scanlations of Ravages of Time lately is downright bad, but the first 200 chapters were fine if my memory serves me right.

    People from the four corners of the earth are waiting for Kingdom’s new chapter!!

  16. No SPAM Mail

    86 comments within less than 24 hrs 😮 …

  17. bravekid

    Great. Appreciate it! Hooray for Shin Hin Unit

  18. John

    Its now 2pm utc… the F5ing starts.

  19. Lunas

    Thank you for the release :), been looking forward to it s always.

  20. kingdomfan

    O my god!!! What a cliffhanger!!!!!! I can’t wait till thurstday! And thanks as always!

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