Kingdom Chapters 207-208

FFXIV login boss too hard…

In other news, I’ll be taking down donations at the end of the month since we’ve received far more than we need to finish scanlating Kingdom. Also, 90 comments in 24 hrs is seriously crazy o.o.

Chapter 207: MF | DDL

Chapter 208: MF | DDL



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136 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 207-208

  1. Addicted

    The f-5 assault shall begin soon , every body in position !

  2. LIK

    Got a crapload to study, your release is the only thing to look forward today guys. 😛

  3. Spamming F5

    Spam F5 to see if ETA will be announce 🙂

  4. Xin

    This is a torture for me T___T

  5. EaterBugs

    u guys are simply Legend…. wait for it… dery!!!

  6. Helena

    Thanks guys, you are awesome!
    Can’t wait for the next chapters. Is the time stated in FAQ correct? 3 more hours to go?

  7. Nuno

    f5 rolling!!!!
    Thanks for all these chapters!!

  8. Fangorn

    Thanks guys ! Great job !

  9. Carl

    cant wait for the 209:)

  10. TT

    Why Not keep the donations, and anyone that wants to thank you can send you a penny or two 🙂

  11. Bibux

    Thanks a lot, I love this manga, i’m so glad to fllow it every week thanks to you !!

  12. JohnLim

    All the F5 squad… The count down will start soon…
    Please take position…

  13. Ricoman

    It’s that time again! Thank you guys!

  14. Victor

    Yeah, keep the donations so that you can buy a few beers for your hard work 🙂

  15. krick

    so we have to wait one mo hour, great 🙂

    sorry for stupid post, it’s in order to know what time is it in your place

  16. eki'

    I’m here !
    Let’s wait together !
    if the chapters are out at 4pm UTC, what time will it be where you are ?
    6pm for me !

  17. laclongquan

    F5 spam starts!

    4pmUTC=11pm in my zone. hanoi time.

  18. Blackqwerty

    hanoi is in vietnam right so it will come to us in 12am

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