Kingdom Chapters 215-217

Another volume down!

Thank god for server maintenance periods or we’d never get anything done.

Chapter 215: MF | DDL

Chapter 216: MF | DDL

Chapter 217: MF | DDL



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125 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 215-217

  1. Atileusz

    Why is li xin the main character to this manga? As i resarched he not highly regarded Because he had a big failure when invading chu. So why choose someone who will not in fact become the best general in china?

  2. leokiko

    Thank you very much and gratz on another completed volume!

  3. ShoRyuKen

    Here’s the video game (c217 p21), worth watching for the special attack at 1:57, lol:–ikki-tousen-no-tsurugi-japanese-spears-up-trailer

  4. ShiShie

    Thank you 🙂

  5. DanielBR

    Oh yeah! Thanks 😀

  6. Kaze

    Sirs, you’re simply awesome. Keep the good work ^^

  7. jking

    Awesome i love this manga!

  8. aadh


    i am daily checking for updates.

  9. laclongquan

    Still 24 hours before sunday release but i already start fidgeting.

  10. vwin01

    hey while you’re waiting-The Breaker New Wave is back and is pretty awesome!

    Can’t wait for more Kingdom goodies on Sunday

  11. different

    what time zone do the group’s releases happen? It’s currently 8 am friday for me, pacific time LA. So it’ll be 2 more days till sunday for me.

  12. congrats on the vol and thank you for it

  13. Fangorn

    Thank you guys ! Great job as always !

  14. vwin01

    I think FFIV is getting in the wy of our Kingdom release lol

  15. ClMbreu

    Thank you so mutch for the translation, the story is so aluring that i can barely wait for the continuation

  16. sapphire5

    so far the update status is still 5 chaps for tomorrow ^^…

  17. hi5oka

    Its just a week but already I miss kanki the motherfucking bastard in action

  18. The kingdom of Mary

    already f5ing like a motherfucker

  19. krick

    useless, it won’t be published till tomorrow aroung 15:00 GMT

  20. LIK

    Oooh, can wait tomorrow! Hope it will be high five! 😛

  21. Noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Back to 3 chaps 😦

    well, shikatanai ka, angato yo

  22. Snowdrop

    Noooooooo~!! Are you still going to be able to do the next three chapters this thursday? T_T


  23. asdf

    Will the other two chapters get released on Monday though?

  24. Soulsguard

    🙂 it’s today !!!! :)))

  25. Spamming F5

    F5 key working good. I’m ready 🙂

  26. laclongquan

    F5 spam: STARTO~

  27. sam

    Almost there, Keep it up !
    F5 all the way haha

  28. The kingdom of Mary

    At this rate we are going to be left with 1chapter/week 😦

  29. Bilal

    You guys are the best! Keep it! Your all great translators of the heavens:D

  30. ShiShie

    F5 archers are ready, Great General Of The Keyboards just give the signal 😀

  31. ShiShie

    There’s no expected time of release, just that it is today… u.u (Normally it should be out after an hour of this comment)

  32. tita

    yo guys its already 3 weeks straight that you release 3 chapters in sunday maybe you really should take another translator or something…
    anyway thanks for all your other chapters:)

    • Hiring additional staff would require hiring an entire team as they would have to work separately.

      Having to organise and ensure quality etc on that would be too much trouble.

      While we aim to release 8 chapters a week, if we fall short, we’re not really too concerned on our end, We’ll keep trying to push out as many chapters as we can each week but you’ll just have to bear with us if we don’t have enough time to get it done.

  33. eaterbugs

    Awaiting releases…!!

  34. Shooter

    you drop every release day the number of the chapter why
    yesterday ther was sunday 218-222 an today there strays 218-220

  35. Spamming F5

    Eventually we will catch up to raw and get 1 release per week. This is just a training so we use to it 😛
    Joke aside, I’m grateful for any release. Keep the good work guys 🙂

  36. Sol

    6 chapters are already great! I know few groups capable of releasing so much in so little time with such a high quality.
    Of course, it would be better if we got more, but let’s not be too greedy here!

  37. F5: Oh, shiii…
    F6: Hmm? What’s wrong?
    F5: Goddamnit, it’s almost time!
    F4: Time for what?
    F5: I’m about to get beat up real bad … QQ
    F6: Uh oh, that’s not good. Kingdom release day again?
    F4: Watch out! Here he comes!
    F5: Haaaalllllllpppp *squished* *squished* *squished* *squished* *squished*…..

  38. malvinzzz

    thank you buddy

  39. eaterbugs

    brace yourselves…
    New chapters are being released!!!

  40. Snowdrop

    Ok~ you guys!! Stop complaining!!! Let us all be thankful because they’re actually releasing 6 chapters a week!! That is already great compared to other scantalators!!!

    Thank you so much turnip farmers! Stick with 6 chapters as your initial number of releases, so no one will complain if you release only that amount or more..

    • kingdom fan

      weell what u said is true but i want moaaarrrrrrr…… well the scanlator doesn’t have to push them self to release many chapter i just hope they can release more chapter……

  41. Carl

    when are you realising the chapters? excited to read :((

  42. ZK

    They will release the chapters when they are done! Go read a book or take a walk until they are done.

    Honestly, I almost would rather they produce less because when they catch up to manga, we are all going to be in for some serious withdrawal

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