Kingdom Chapters 222-224

Oh god that F5, anyway, sorry for only 2 chapters today guys,  we’ve been rather busy with real life obligations recently, which is why we haven’t managed to get quite as many chapters done as before.

We’ll try to get the 3rd chapter out tomorrow though, but I’m afraid that short of a miracle happening and things getting cancelled this week, we most likely will not have the time to release anything this Sunday.

But first, two chapters so you stop abusing that poor F5 key.

Chapter 222: MF | DDL

Chapter 223: MF | DDL

Added Chapter 224.

Chapter 224: MF | DDL



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145 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 222-224

  1. Daniel

    30 more minutes 😀

  2. Shin

    Thank you guys for the awesome updates!

  3. bartender

    hehe im trying to imagin what will happen if they suddenly announce that ther will be no chapters for another week XD
    vive la revolution ! 🙂

  4. sapphire5

    Sorry guys, my partner suddenly had an internet failure, so no chaps for today. Really sorry guys!~

  5. Shin of the hi shin unit


  6. malvinzzz

    ganbanteeeeee minaaaaa

  7. Ousen king shos true son


  8. Hyou

    Imagine if shin is actually king shos late son? Imagine if houken kidnapped hyou and made him a bisshini

  9. All time high comments already…still not enough … f5 infantry ,f5 cavalry pincer attack!!!

  10. Mouten

    Moubu v houken? Moubus strength is 99. Plus alpha is 102. Hed pwn houken

  11. Mouki

    F5 f5 f5 mouki is a monster

  12. Genpo

    26 mins to go. Currently having sex with my f5

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