Kingdom Chapters 225-227

Back to regular Kingdom programming hopefully.

Fun Fact: Eibi’s shirt has shrimp on it.

Chapter 225: MF | DDL

Chapter 226: MF | DDL

Chapter 227: MF | DDL



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149 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 225-227

  1. Genpo

    Feel like king sho when he was too old to unify china. The old geezer

  2. Otokitsu.

    Wei v qin Mougu v renpa. but only one person can affect this battle. And that is shin. Shin has to kill rinko. And thus create renpa being surrounded on two fronts. I have a feeling kanki and ousen are lying dormant. And going to strike when the battle is in full fllow!

  3. no!!!!!! so excited,,,,,, Rip f5

  4. Tsunami

    Just wantted see how much time still left 😀

  5. Okay our Messiah add 1 chap. tq bro

  6. Carl


  7. The kingdom of Mary

    come on! come on!

  8. Riboku

    Cant wait for allied invasion of qin. And also shin. And OMG RIBOKU V DUKE HYOU. And shin v houken. A battle that spans 30 chapters AOOOO

  9. Oi

    Oi idiot. Dont do spoilers!! Dont ruin it. You dont see me saying shin kills rinko do ya. Have some consideration

  10. kanyou

    SPOILER. SPOILER. I propose any posts with spoilers should have spoikers in capitals

  11. ShinXHyou


  12. sam

    it’s time 😀 4:PM

  13. KAARIS

    where is iiiiiit ? i’m dying here

  14. Cian

    its uploading just a few moar minutes.

  15. Just another kingdom reader


  16. Hyo


  17. Hyo

    Hmm cannnot wait dude

  18. Payao

    Damn im gonna have popcorn and read

  19. Kyou

    Mayn kyou v kyoukai would be MADDD

  20. KAARIS

    i’m gonna roll a blunt and read !!

  21. Kyoukai

    Hmm kyoukai would lose. Kyou is a greeat general

  22. Bilal

    Non kingdom fams have no idea of this excitement!

  23. daymshit

    i need my weekly dose of kingdom i’m getting withdraw symptoms because i missed thursdays dose

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