Kingdom Chapters 228-231

No cliffhanger for once?… Think we’re losing our touch.

Chapter 228: MF | DDL

Chapter 229: MF | DDL

Chapter 230: MF | DDL

Chapter 231: MF | DDL



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102 responses to “Kingdom Chapters 228-231

  1. Mahou

    Thank you for your work!



  3. esfe89

    LOLOLOL, guys i just got back from planting tree.s to relax this is perfect! thanks!

  4. Sol

    Great chapters, thanks!

  5. Boo

    It was a great ending though, fits better than an extra chapter after this and starting up something new =P

    Cliffhangers are for odd numbers perhaps?

  6. Okami

    You guys are the best, thank you very much for all of your hard work and dedication!!

  7. Doo

    you guys are aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesoooommmmmmmmmeeee!!!

  8. Just another kingdom reader

    This were probably the best chapters I’ve read so far in the kingdom series, especially 231. Thanks a lot for these chapters, can’t imagine how I would do without knowing kingdom (back to the slow releases for baby steps I guess (although that is one awesome manga too)).

  9. Spamming F5

    For once i didn’t spam F5 😛
    i lost temptation to raw a long time ago. the crack called cliffhanger is too much for me to handle
    the raw from a torrent put vol 20 to 22 in single rar. I have to “read” them all. but at the end, the battle still not over. another cliffhanger TT

  10. MasterJack

    THAT color cover…

  11. roy

    That cover is a cliffhanger by itself… Though I really cannot believe she will die

  12. Nuno

    1 word! EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    both you guys and this series!!

  13. christian

    great chapters! thanks!

  14. Daniel

    thank you! wow. I know it’s not over but I felt satisfied 🙂
    now I can peacefully wait the next chapter… unlike before where I can’t stop thinking what’ll happen next. haha! thank you so much turnipfarmers/

  15. RandomFan

    epic chapter

  16. Thank you for this release and for no cliffhangers, but what’s up with Kyoukai lying dead on Xin’s arms!

  17. stv

    BEEEEEEST! Thanks for the release, getting better and better!

  18. linh

    Thank you thank you and thank you so much for your works 😀

  19. Ac :)

    Great work as usual. I see I’m not the only one confused with the new cover. Let’s see what happens. The volume will be complete in a week or so, so things should clear up soon. Thank you.

  20. sapphire5

    what a cliffhanger!!! rinko will counterattack with his sword through shin’s chest then they both die!!! boo!

  21. LuBu

    Shin did it, now what happens to the old man?

  22. paulalvin

    Thank you Guys Superb job as always :D!!!!!

  23. DenBo

    Good thing i already know what happens next or else i would go nuts in my chair ~_x Thanks for the hard work.

  24. Rimon

    Truly an epic ending. Thanks for the chapter 😀

  25. You guys can just subscribe to the website and they will send you a email when there are updates. So no more F5s. Cheers

  26. zipitfast

    Thanks! 🙂

  27. laclongquan

    There goes Rinko! Win at the Central, get!
    But the old man looks pretty desperate. His three best officers are stalled at the center and cant get there in time to help. His two left/right hand men are mired at their positions. Is this the end of the line?

  28. rapdroopy

    heki ish still here

  29. LIK

    Cant wait :P, there is no status for sunday so Im curious about that, hope you guys will have the time to squeeze few chaps for then. 😛

  30. Spamming F5

    less than 15 minutes to ETA…
    F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5 F5

  31. rengetsu08

    wheres our dose of kingdom??

  32. zibi

    it’s time it’s time 😀 i cant wait anymore… gimmy one chapter now! and i will be satisfied 😀

    ofcourse thanks for your effort 😀

  33. WingIt22

    iunno man, still a pretty big cliff hanger lol, still so many unanswered questions, what happens to kyoukai? how about the back? what the shit is shin gonna do nw? lol, still a cliff hanger there if you ask me 😛

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