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Kingdom Chapters 252-253

Only 2 chapters because the typesetter fell asleep. Will release the 3rd chapter tomorrow.

v18 – v23 PSD’s are uploading and should be available over the next few hours.

Chapter 252: MF | DDL

Chapter 253: MF | DDL

Ninja Edit:

Chapter 254: MF | DDL

Oh, and here’s a v2 of 251.

Chapter 251v2: MF | DDL




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Kingdom Chapters 249-251 + Extra

We’re back!

Extra chapter took longer than expected. It’s also unfortunately not being printed in any volumes, hence the quality.

Also, since releases are scheduled on UTC / GMT time and Australia is a country that likes to observe the inane practice of daylight savings, I’ve updated the widget and FAQ to reflect this. Note that you can always find out the correct time by leaving a (timestamped) comment below!

Other stuff: .PSDs and raws will be updated / uploaded after I organise my hard drives. Probably by next Sunday.

Chapter 249: MF | DDL

Chapter 250: MF | DDL

Special Chapter (250.1?): MF | DDL

Chapter 251: MF | DDL


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On Hiatus

Sorry for the misinformation on our release status,

Have decided to take a break until the 27th to get things organised: ripping / cleaning volumes 25+ , cleaning up the side story chapter, building a new PC etc., and also because tryign to scanlate on my old laptop is incredibly inefficient.

We will be back on the 27th hopefully with Chapters 249 – 251 as well as the side story.


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Kingdom Chapters 246-248

PC caked it… Redrawing on a laptop sucks ass… ; ;

Chapter 246: MF

Chapter 247: MF

Chapter 248: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 243-245

Theros Pro Tour has nothing to do with fewer chapters, no sir.

Chapter 243: MF

Chapter 244: MF

Chapter 245: MF


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Kingdom Chapters 240-242

Finally wrapping up the 2nd war arc. Gonna be volume 100 before Qin manages to unify China at this rate…

Chapter 240: MF

Chapter 241: MF

Chapter 242: MF



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Kingdom Chapter 235-237

Will release 2 chapters tomorrow since I feel like sleeping before midnight for once.

Chapter 235: MF | DDL

Chapter 236: MF | DDL

Chapter 237: MF

And here they are along with a v2 of 237 with fixed page order.

Chapter 237v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 238: MF | DDL

Chapter 239: MF | DDL


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Kingdom Chapter 232-234

Terraria 1.2!… nuts… not enough time in the day any more…

Chapter 232: MF | DDL

Chapter 233: MF | DDL

Chapter 234: MF | DDL


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