Kingdom Chapter 235-237

Will release 2 chapters tomorrow since I feel like sleeping before midnight for once.

Chapter 235: MF | DDL

Chapter 236: MF | DDL

Chapter 237: MF

And here they are along with a v2 of 237 with fixed page order.

Chapter 237v2: MF | DDL

Chapter 238: MF | DDL

Chapter 239: MF | DDL



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108 responses to “Kingdom Chapter 235-237

  1. Snowdrop

    Thank you so much for your hard work. Please don’t mind us too much and GO AHEAD AND SLEEP BEFORE 12. My goodness, I’m going to reprimand people who complain for the lack of chapters or the unachieved goal of chapters. YOU NEED SO MUCH REST!! Don’t hesitate to give us a heads up so that we may know whether or not you’re going to release chapters some other day and we’ll be HUSHED. Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  2. Rimon

    sleep tight & well. Thanks a lot for the chapters 😀

  3. vwin01

    damn, manga like this and manhua like Feng Shen Ji make naruto and bleach like craps…with all the flash back and preaching shit.

    I wish the author would make shin more badass though, just cut up rinko head and show it around. and what’s up with rinko pushing shin’s back? they were at each other throat a few minutes ago for chris sake!

  4. asdawyg

    Urgghhh :)~

  5. matsuda87

    oh,god…it already release?
    Thx you,guys..

  6. Working on Labour Day, you legend!

  7. vwin01

    thanks !!! 😀

  8. Carlo

    Another two wonderful Chapters !!! Wow Great Work ! Keep Going ! And Thks for Let us start this week so well ! 🙂

  9. XL

    Thanks for the extra two chapters 🙂

  10. LIK

    Thx! Waiting for batoto update.

  11. No SPAM Mail

    Sweet! 2 more chapters! Many many thanks!

  12. asdf

    The upper comments made me think that the chapters has been released. But I see none. o.o?

  13. Spamming F5

    Thanks for additional releases 🙂

  14. laclongquan


  15. Nice ending. Thanks guys. A wonderful release as always.

  16. TRoy

    I am so glad to have some more to read. Thank you a lot. 🙂

  17. Alan

    always inspiring 😉

  18. ty

    Mondays aren’t so bad anymore after a 2 extra kingdom chapter release. thanks for making the start of my week looking good.

  19. zero-chan

    Actually this is my first time visiting your website and I’m doing this because I’m really impressed with your work 🙂
    Kingdom is a great manga and one of my favorites and your extremely fast release is like heaven!! 😀
    You do a wonderfull job! Thank you very much!!

  20. Feldrast

    thank you dudes

  21. 96 Station

    Wowww thanks man

  22. stv


  23. Soebandrijo

    Thank you for all of your hard work…
    Get enough rest, scan as you can, 1-2 chapters per week is okay…
    once again thank you very much…

  24. tohkyotomato

    daebak !! ❤ ! thank you for your hardwork /thankful/ ^_^! i enjoy reading kingdom !!

  25. fein

    Thanks again for the new release and remember to take care of yourselves and not to burned out in the end~ 😀
    have plenty of rest if you can when needed, health is more important then SCAN LOL

    anyway, take care and wish you guys the best! XD

    PS: just testing the time as well using this comment post, keeps forgetting to take note of it…

    • fein

      ….ok, the releasing time for Turnip is UTC/GMT 2pm, which means is around 10pm night time on my side

      finally know what time to come here and check AT LAST! XP

  26. om nerabdator

    wait in that bonus chapter! that Kou girl had a scar………….didnt she die??

  27. Bigbug

    I like Monday! Especislly the 2 chapters. Thx u guys, take a rest pls

  28. makfresh22

    Thanks for the chapters guys!!!!….really appreciate your work 😀

  29. thank you very much
    great translator of heaven

  30. quatro_17

    Thank you very much.
    Can’t wait untill the next one :D!
    When will chapter 238 be released? Thursday like every other week?

  31. Vladimir Popov

    kingdom is finished or still ongoing?

  32. Okami

    you are boss, thanks!!

  33. Was using F5 to find if theres a break, but its not 😀

  34. riz

    Great Scanlator of the Heavens!

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